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Dr. SharkaKang Zoolo Kang is well known for being a Dr. Nd natural-pathic doctor with supernatural abilities. Dr Kang was born in to a family of healers, shamans and medical doctors. He learned a lot as a child at the foot of his grandfather who was The Shaman of the village. After a near death experience involving allopathic medicine he fell into a deep depression after facing the fact that he may do more harm than good to people with this method so he then decided to drop out of Baylor to pursue his life long roots in natural medicine. He then went to Canada to finish his degree at the Canadian Institute of naturopathic medicine. Some of the greatest minds such as Deepak Chopra , Oprah Winfrey, AC Green and Aliko Dangote seeks after him for health consultation. He is also blessed with the gift of telepathic clairvoyance, to see visions, and diagnosis of people by just looking at them. Dr Kang was Inspired by his personal healing experience and knowledge he gained by studying African, Ayurvedic, Chinese and other worldly medicines abroad, he began sharing his natural herbal compounds with others, which gave birth to Dr.kang’s Grandpa’s Secret.
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