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Jodi Burke has always loved being in the kitchen, creating and sharing dishes, and finding healthier ways of eating. A couple years ago, she was introduced to a complete raw, 'live' food dinner one night and couldn't believe how fantastic the food tasted--she had already been intrigued by the raw foods lifestyle, but didn't expect it to taste so good! The dinner inspired Jodi to take her cooking up to the next level by becoming a Raw Foods Chef. She's perfected some fantastic recipes (and also found some that weren't worth recording), and she's sharing what she's learned with you! She believes that eating more whole foods, plant based foods and superfoods should be easy, nutritious, and simple, and yet so tasty that anyone can add more healthy dishes to their way of eating.

Benefits of Coconut Oil

Once you start making changes in your eating lifestyle the easier it becomes!! The little things you can do each day can add [...]
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