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As a healer, teacher, and author, Sandy Vigil gently guides people along their soul’s journey through self-discovery and transformation. Sandy studied Voice Channeling under Jason Nelson, is a certified life coach and received the rites of the Shamanic Healer and the Medicine Wheel from Kathryn Gomez, a student of Alberto Villoldo. Sandy’s deep connection to her Choctaw Nation roots have led her to blend her Master’s Degree in Neuroscience with Native American Journeying and Medicine Wheels along with Voice Channeling and life coaching techniques to help her Spiritual Life Coaching clients heal their hearts, minds and souls. Her personal transformation began after a devastating five-car pileup on an interstate in Las Vegas that disabled her and stripped her of her life-long dream of teaching. Sandy uses her remarkable story of recovery to heal others. Sandy can be reached through her website or at her office number 702-302-4557.
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