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Articles by Dr. Shahila Rose, HHP,MH,CN,CCT,CR,CTY,CLC,ND,PhD

About Dr. Shahila Rose, HHP,MH,CN,CCT,CR,CTY,CLC,ND,PhD (1 Articles)
Dr. Shahila Rose has made it her life’s mission to bring a natural end to pain. From her childhood in Malaysia and Indonesia, to her formal training in natural and holistic medicines, to her extensive travel into cultures that safeguard the world’s greatest secrets of herbal healing, Dr. Shahila has been groomed at every step of the way to one day create the definitive natural pain relief solution. Having been raised by a family that practiced Jamu, the traditional medicine of Indonesia, Dr. Shahila was introduced at a very young age to the idea that an all-natural tonic or elixir could be used to safely and effectively alleviate pain. Dr. Shahila recognized that generations of Indonesians swore by Jamu, but she also realized that there were many other traditional systems of medicine that provided their own benefits. Inspired by this, Dr. Shahila studied widely, obtaining her PhD in Natural Holistic Health and Medicine, as well as becoming a formally trained practitioner of integrative medicine, Ayurveda, naturopathic medicine, aroma therapy, homeopathy, and yoga, as well as an herbalist and life coach in holistic health and nutrition.
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