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Child Theft & Misconduct of Harris County Georgia Officials

Almost two years ago a living nightmare occurred when Harris County officials approached the residence of Donna Hoover and ripped her children from their home and destroyed a family. The incident was a result of vindictive family animosity after her son was tragically shot 4 times in a home invasion 3 years prior. Using corrupt court system practices and misconduct of government officials as a conduit, certain members of Donna Hoover’s family were successful in taking her children in what would become a financial windfall for them until it wasn’t.

Donna Hoover is a widow survivor of her late husband Brian Hoover. The honorable 17 year Army Combat who fought courageously for The United States Army in Panama and Afghanistan had left behind survivor benefits through his social security and VA compensation after his passing. Donna’s close family members stood to become beneficiaries of his benefits in gaining foster custody of her children. The following events show the contempt for Donna’s livelihood and well being.

On more than a handful of occasions Donna routinely bailed her sister out of jail for various charges of assault and domestic violence against her own husband. Her behavior of violence toward Donna was also an ongoing catalog of malicious acts. Routinely sparring with Donna on issues many family members struggle with one major exception- violence. On a finality of events of rage, disparity, arguments and disagreements Donna’s sister went so far as to inflict black eyes and a bite wound leaving a large lasting scar. Donna was then on a break from the family drama.

Separating herself from family conflict and the violence perpetrated on her from her sister after her husband’s passing- she was not left alone. After the home invasion that left her son severely incapacitated, her sibling’s petitioned her son to live with them citing reasons that would be beneficial to him. Though the reasons seemed commendable, after taking him into their care and finding they were to not receive any compensation through his father’s social security and VA benefits from the government they kicked him out of the household after less than two months. It was a reprehensible act which showed clear intent on their motions.

After repeated attempts to contact Donna, her sister did not relent in trying to maintain contact with Donna against her will to be left alone. Contempt and tensions rose as false malicious complaints toward Donna to social services started to arise. In a clear attempt to manipulate Donna’s behavior and create a falsehood of ideology from social services, the false complaints brought a social worker Natasha King to her residence threatening her with words that any good-willed parent would be apprehensive toward. After dismissing the complaint brought toward Donna by Ms. King the unrelenting public servant returned to her residence with Harris County Sheriff deputies. The deputies under direction of social services proceeded to take her children.

After the theft of Donna’s children by the court system brought upon by malicious and false claims, Donna’s sister was to become fostering caregiver of her youngest 3 children. After unjustifiably obtaining her children, she started to receive SSI survivor benefits left by Donna’s late husband. The lack of evidence to take claim of her children spawned a new investigation alleging a false medical diagnosis of Munchhausen By Proxy by a non doctor. After many testimonies outlining Donna as a caring and competent mother, the appeals fell on the court system’s deaf ears. The government worked tirelessly with Donna’s sister to maintain their custody. Despite Donna’s sister’s blatant history of domestic violence charges and complaints from her sister’s own children to Donna about not being around the children’s home and out at bars the court decided against her appeal to have her children back.

Court hearings in the corrupt Harris County Georgia court were held without jury. The judge condescendingly laughed at Donna about certain issues one were to not to find funny at all. The government’s social worker Derrick Pinkney lied under oath to Judge Loudermilk of false claims outlining diagnosis of mental illness that were in fact not even diagnosed. He cited an email from a counselor he altered in attempt to coerce the court to uphold his opinion. The counselor that wrote the email denies the claims Pinkney said to the court under oath even existed in their email. He also Lied about a statement written by a counselor that supervised visits with Donna and her children and much more.

Donna’s children’s written statements were altered against their own opinion by the social service workers to uphold their opinion In the Harris County Court. In a letter written by the eldest daughter outlining her own wishes to live with and be under her mother’s custody the Judge declared she did not say what she said even though there is written proof in statement and testimony. Many friends of Donna have come forth and made statements detailing her exceptionality as a mother being of good moral character with sound mind and body. Many of Donna’s friends have relied on her to watch over and take care of their kids because she is a good mother. These exceptional dictations and statements fall on a deaf corrupt court system’s ears.

Despite many positive testimonies for Donna maintaining her integrity the Harris County Court System decided that her youngest daughter’s violent biological father gain custody of her. He has been charged with domestic violence on more than one occasion of children, women and men. Openly bragging to Donna about knowing who to pay off to get what he needs. At least one of his children have been emancipated after having a case open for strangling his own daughter. It is baffling that the court system find solace in violent behavior while maintaining strict adherence to a testimony of a diagnosis from an individual that is not in fact a doctor at all. Nor is there any evidence to suggest that her opinion of Donna even exists.

There is one final and clear factor driving this unique situation of grotesque malicious theft and misconduct of government officials. Contempt and money. The court system, attorneys, and sibling of Donna Hoover have leached her misfortunes for contempt and money. One month after the eldest daughter’s 18th birthday and the survivor benefits expired she was sent back to live peacefully with her mother Donna Hoover. Perhaps we may see in the following years upon the 18th birthdays of the remaining two of her children when their benefits expire they will be sent on their way back where they rightfully belong under their own free will and accord.'
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