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Low on cash? Ways to make ends meet this Christmas

Explain to your children that Christmas is about Christ. Let them know you are low on funds and that you are going to make the most of what you have and remind them to be grateful they are not homeless and that there are an alarming amount of homeless people.

  1. Don’t buy a tree Get a Christmas tree from the woods or use a house plant you already have, if you don’t have ornaments make them or use Marti Gras beads, or ribbon.  My first Christmas tree as a mother we used a potted palm tree, our tree decorations were single earrings collected over the years that didn’t have matches. This way your Christmas tree  has lots of character and is destined to be remembered.
  2. Eat at home while holiday season bonding with your family in the comfort of your home you’ll save money and eat healthier
  3. Make your gift  Painting, woodworking, drawing, and scrapbooking are all great ideas.  Mother nature makes the most beautiful driftwood that can easily be cleaned up into a work of art.
  4. Do free entertainment Make a bonfire or take a walk on the river or in a park.  Instead of going to the movies, skating, or bowling (which could easily cost $50+ each). Pull instruments out of the closet, even if you are not the best player music soothes the soul and makes great memories.
  5. Sell something you don’t use or need to help with gift buying. Ebay, Craigslist, or consignment shops, maybe even cash out your aluminum cans.

Please send us any suggestions you’d like to add to this list.

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Madison lives a clean simple lifestyle on the bay of Port St. Joe, Florida. She enjoys sail boating, nature watching, photography, deep water sea fishing, and spending time with her children and husband. She eats vegetarian, gluten free, non GMO and strives to grow or catch most of what her family consumes.
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