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10 Questions Everybody Should Ask Themselves

Sometimes it feels as if we are caught in a whirlwind of life and get so busy that we lose ourselves somewhere in the hustle and bustle. Most of us will take the time to learn about other people but when it comes to ourselves, we simply exist day to day until we don’t. If you ask me, that is not a truly fulfilling life and it is unfair to rob yourselves of this beautiful journey of self.

neverAs a Coach I ask people questions all the time and have come to realize that it is the very personal questions that take them the longest to answer. When I ask about other people or work, I generally get an answer immediately but when I ask them to define their motivation for me, I hear crickets for a while. It isn’t because they are trying to lie, it is because most people have no idea what makes them tick! The relationship you have with yourself is the most important relationship you will ever have. Once you learn and love yourself, the world is then your oyster!

Whatever position you are in right now, I promise there is room for personal growth. When you truly search, you will continually find new exciting things about yourself. Many people don’t know where to start so they throw their hands up and call it a day. Some find it selfish, others find it silly (until they have a breakdown). Getting to know yourself is not only beneficial to you, it is beneficial to everybody around you. If you have kids, this is a great example for them to witness. Your mate will benefit from your ability to love them even more. Family and friends will have the honor of watching you blossom with confidence and love. Your employees, bosses, and/or co-workers will benefit from your clarity and focus. You can’t claim you are living your passion if you don’t even know yourself.

Throughout my career, especially as a Coach, I have found certain trigger questions that have helped people delve into themselves. I have received 100% positive feedback and have seen tremendous improvement with both individuals and businesses that I Coach. I suggest taking the time to answer these questions as soon as you can. Don’t rush your answers and you do not need to share them with anybody. This is something you are doing for you!

10 Questions Everybody Should Ask Themselves

1. What makes ME happy? Simple enough, right? There is no limit to how long your answer can be. Write everything that makes you happy! A few of mine are laughing with my Husband and kids. Finding something beautiful in nature to admire. Helping others live the life they have dreamed about. Playing soccer. It can be anything that makes you happy. As little as it seems write it down, it matters!

2. What makes ME sad? This one is a little tougher but it will open up your vulnerability to yourself. Write down everything that makes you sad. Maybe you feel mistreated by family or co-workers? Maybe you are involved in an unhealthy relationship? For me, I feel sad when I see kids suffering due to bad choices their parents made. I get sad watching the commercial with the starving people and animals. I get sad when Veterans are jobless. I get sad when I think about Government and politics in general. It doesn’t have to make sense on paper, it just has to be true. Write down everything that notably makes you feel sad.

3. What does Success mean? It is so easy to get lost in the typical meaning of success, you know the crap everybody tries to shovel down your throat! Success is absolutely variable to everybody. Success to me means making a nice living doing something that serves others. Success to me means I am happy more often than not, have food on the table and a roof over my family’s head. Success to me means that I am able to provide the needs and wants of my children. (Not that they get all that they wants). My meaning is different than yours, and yours is different than theirs…write down what it means to you.

4. What am I passionate about and why? For most people, passion changes as they grow. Once you write what your passions are, your whys will confirm or contest if they are truly still your passions. My passion now is different than it was just 5 years ago. The basis is the same, I am still passionate about helping people but my how and why is what changed. This is a supreme exercise and I am certain you will gain a lot of knowledge about yourself from this one question.

5. What areas am I confident about myself? Write this one with a pencil so you don’t have a bunch of crossed out words. This is a real in-depth question not to be taken lightly. This is to be answered with only the things about yourself that you are 100% confident about. For me, I am confident about my ability to help people. My ability to inspire and motivate others. My ability to unconditionally love my kids. I am confident about speaking, making people laugh, and my leadership ability. You really need to be certain on what you right for this question. There is plenty of room for not confident in the next question 🙂

6. What areas am I insecure about? Holy cow, this is a real eye opener. Sometimes it hurts to write this down but work through it, it will be awesome to get it out and on paper. You can’t fix anything until you admit there is an issue needing fixing. This is that issue right now. For me, I am insecure about my ability to be a great wife (not always, just sometimes). I can get insecure about my weight (goes up and down). Sometimes I am insecure about my ability as a business owner. It doesn’t need to be tragic, just write down what is on your mind. Remember this is just for your eyes, make sure you are brutally honest

7. What can I do to love myself more? The same way you would dissect your relationship with your mate, do the same with yourself. Write down what you can do to love yourself more. Do you need to read more? Spend more time alone? What do you need to take action on to improve yourself? Think of yourself as the other person in a relationship and would they be happy with the way you treat them?

8. What about my career do I enjoy? (This includes stay at home parents). Write down everything that you enjoy about your job. Be specific and honest!

9. What do I dislike about my career? (This too includes stay at home parents). Don’t forget, this is solely for your eyes so be honest and very specific!

10. What can I do starting right now to be better tomorrow than I was today? This is the question of all self-questions! All of this means nothing unless you take action to make yourself better. So answer the question and then get to doing!


Nobody can do you better than you, except for you! Always strive to be better tomorrow than you were today. You are amazing and beautiful, get out and share it with the world! #inspirational #advice

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