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10 Smart Things to Spend Your Money On

Turns out that what you spend your money on the most is what consumes your life the most.  When it is put in these words, you really can’t help but to evaluate your life and spending habits.  The more junk you spend money on = the more junk you are surrounded with.  The more education you spend your money on = the more educated you are.  It is actually quite simple.

I began watching and questioning people around me that seem to have very little money issues, and are visibly happy.  I made a list for them to fill out of the 10 things they spend their money on.  I received 23 out of 25 questionnaires back completed.  Some of these were from people that I Coach, some are family, and others are people I know throughout my community or via social media.  It is very close to equal woman and men (the woman came up a bit on top)  The similarities were awesome in their responses.  There responses have helped me to prioritize better and I hope they do the same for you!

   10 Smartest Things to Spend Your Money on

1. Personal Growth – Invest firstly on Life/Business Coach (to push yourselves further and achieve more personally and professionally), books (read, read,read!), seminars, webinars, classes.

2. Health – Gym membership or equipment, personal trainer, healthy food, vitamins.  You will not be handy to anybody if you are not healthy!

3. Vacations – Anywhere with your family or loved ones.  A few times a year spend money on a getaway, even just for a weekend.

4. Savings/Investing – Put your money in accounts that will grow your money.  They seem to take some risks and some safe ways.  Of course, investing is always a risk, but they say if you are smart the risk is slim.

5. Kids growth – Sports, educational camps, whatever interest your kids have (science, quilting, fencing, golfing…)

6. Vehicle maintenance – The more diligent you are about maintaining your vehicle, the longer and more efficiently it runs.  (I was horrible about this!)

7. Well made furniture – Everyone of the replies said they spend money on well made furniture because it lasts far longer than the cheap furniture lasts and ends up costing the same or a little more in the end.

8. Hobby – Spend some money on your hobby.  Having a hobby is very healthy and absolutely promotes well being.  Don’t go into debt for your hobby, simply spend what you have comfortably allotted on it.

9. Dates – Treat you and your mate to a nice date once a month.  There is no reason to spend a load of money on a date more than once a month.  You can do plenty with spending little or zero money the rest of the month together.  Take walks, have a picnic, sit and talk… those are the best dates anyway!

10. Good shoes – I laughed when I read this, then I looked into my closet and saw right off the bat, three pairs of high heels that I would sooner stab myself in the eye than wear ever again.  That is when it made sense to me!  Spend the money on good shoes and you will get more life out of them.  They hurt less, stay intact longer, and are way more comfortable.  The money you spend on them will pay off in the end.

Think about all the things you waste your money on and then tell me if you still can’t afford to invest in yourself!  Most business people have the money, they just don’t use it wisely.  It is never too late to become smarter than you were yesterday!  You are way more awesome than you give yourself credit for!


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