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3 Spices for Optimal Health – Food is Medicine

Practice mindful cooking by using these three spices to bring flavor and health to your family meals.

1. Cinnamon

  • Effects on the body – Studies have proven Cinnamon effective for menstrual pain and infertility. Cinnamon is also known to regulate blood sugar and it also reduces pain linked to arthritis. It is a Anti-fungal that has an anti-inflammatory effect. Traditional medicine has used cinnamon for years for indigestion, gas and bloating, stomach upset, and diarrhea.
  • How to use- Cinnamon rolls, apple pie, or in coffee.

2. Garlic

  • Effects on the body – Garlic is a powerful natural antibiotic and antioxidant and is a rich source of flavonoids, vitamins, and enzymes. It stabilizes blood pressure by causing the blood vessels to constrict which allows the blood to flow forcefully through a constricted space. It also acts as a blood thinner which also supports blood flow. Because it allows blood to flow better it has known to be a cure for impotence. Garlic is also an antifungal that protects your body from worms, parasites, fungi and yeast. Aged garlic helps the body remove heavy metal poisoning. It also works great as a liver cleans to help remove toxins from the body.
  • How to use– Garlic can be taken as supplement or can be added to many types of dishes like chicken, steak, or soups.

3. Cayenne pepper

  • Effects on the body – Cayenne pepper is anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and is know to be a joint-pain reliever. Ceyanne pepper also helps produce saliva which aids in digestion.
  • How to use – Cayenne is best known for being used in Chili. Cayenne is often found in Indian, Thai, and Cajun food.


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