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4 Steps to Overcome Arthritis and Fibromyalgia

After suffering from arthritis and fibromyalgia for years I started researching different ways to relieve the pain and in doing so I have almost eliminated it. As long as I stick to the regiment of using the following ways to overcome these debilitating illnesses I rarely feel the allover pain I used to live with daily.
  1. Infrared Heater– I noticed tons articles about saunas relieving arthritis pain and I discovered that the infrared light in the sauna actually helps heal the joins by drastically enhancing the circulation to joints. Toxic substances tend to get in the joints because they get low blood supply which causes infections that are hard to heal. The sauna also relaxes tendons and activates the organs of elimination that is necessary to aid in carrying away toxins that have accumulated over the years. Indians in sweat lodges have used heat to rid the body of many unwanted materials for hundreds of years. Unfortunately I could not afford to go to a sauna or have one at my house, so I bought a small infrared heater and put it in my bathroom. It works perfectly and my bathroom in now my personal sauna that helps me eliminate substances such as GMO toxins or even arsenic while I take a bath. **Be sure not to spend too much time in the sauna, over heating can cause death.
  2. Turmeric- A friend introduced me to turmeric telling me how it changed her life. She claimed to have energy that she hadn’t had in years.  I was skeptical at first because at the time I was in major pain and sleeping most of the day. I researched Tumeric and found that it is a root that is used as a spice in dishes like kimchee. It is a natural antiseptic and antibacterial agent that has proving beneficial in the treatment of many different health conditions from cancer, depression, arthritis, to Alzheimer’s disease. After just a few days of taking Tumeric I started seeing much improvement, mainly in pain management.
  3. Coconut Oil– I can honestly say that coconut oil majorly changed my life. I went from being partially bedridden and majorly depressed to a point that I questioned if I even wanted to go on anymore to having enough energy to function at a way higher level than I had in years. When picking out your coconut oil you always want to look for “virgin” and “cold pressed” on the label to ensure you get all the benefits coconut oil has to offer. Coconut oil has medium-chain fatty acids which make its unique character and healing properties. The body does not store medium chain fatty acids instead it uses them right away as energy. Take one teaspoon before every meal or add to coffee.
  4. Stop eating Gluten – Many doctor believe that arthritis and  fibromyalgia are an allergic reaction to eating gluten and studies have shown that removing gluten from the diet reduces inflammation. Once again my whole life changed when I started eating clean and I can definitely tell a difference when I cheat just a little. There is hidden gluten in just about all food, especially processed food. Gluten includes wheat, rye, barley, and corn.
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Donna Hoover is the mother of five children that she adores dearly. She enjoys painting, woodworking, canoeing, nature watching, and most importantly she is a follower of Jesus Christ. She loves people and animals and (although she admits she is far from perfect) strives to be the person God made her to be. Donna pays close attention to nutrition and the health of her family.
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