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5 Yoga Rituals to Boost the Immune System and Fight Corona

It’s pretty scary that on a global scale we are all confronted with the coronavirus. There’s always something we can do to help, like strengthen your immune system and stay healthy or improve your health. Yoga is really great tool to calm the nervous system which is very important.

Being stressed diminishes the immune function so it is imperative to get it out. To be relaxed and calm and know how to get out of stress is really crucial especially in a time like this because stress is actually working against immunity.

On a inhale your arms go straight up parallel nice and grounded so we can basically back into a variation of the mountain pose. Exhale side bend to the right. Inhale to the left with a potted palm. Soften the knees a little so you can bend easier. Inhale left and exhale left so that you are opening the side body, inhale left and exhale right. Inhale left and exhale right.

Chair Pose
Inhale center and exhale chair. Your knees maybe down a little more or maybe up a little, whatever works for you. So you want to feel the legs working and the abdominals pulling in which is good for the digestive system so you can stimulate digestion which is crucial for health to digest properly and also absorb your nutrition properly and eliminate properly.

While opening the body link it with your breath which in my opinion is the most important part of yoga because the breath is giving us life and it is detoxifying the body while it calms the mind. The breath has so many health benefits making it one of the best yoga health tools.

 Downward dog encourages blood flow to the brain and sinuses while conditioning the lungs and respiratory track.

This pose creates emotional balance while relieving stress and calms the mind. This sequence also stimulates organs in the belly, like the kidneys and adrenal glands,


Forward folds soothe the nervous system and encourage observation of one’s own mental and emotional processes. It soothes the nervous system and encourages blood flow.

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As a young teenager Irmi's interest was always drawn to the East. In her early twenties she traveled to India and backpacked on her first encounter with yoga. She witnessed a 75 year old Indian man sitting in the lotus pose on the bank of a river as he lifted himself off the ground with his hands, swirled up into the air into a back flip and jumped into the river. This blew her mind. In Irmi's forties found herself not being able to lift a box she decided right there to start exercising. Her late husband introduce her to a yoga program. She soon realized she had to face her weaknesses, stiffness, lack of coordination, shortness of breath, pain and restless mind. After two years of practice she became a yoga teacher and has been teaching ever since. Yoga helped her to overcome a lot of loss in my life, both of my parents passed away as a young child and left her and her younger sister as orphans. Years later her husband died unexpectedly and my life was turned upside down again. Yoga gives Irmi strength, security, sanity and keeps her healthy but most of all, it keeps her connected to her inner nature, her truth. Irmi has since been trained in Hatha Yoga, re-balancing massage, meditation, herbal healing, Ayurveda, and the visual arts. Travels to India, Africa and Europe have expanded her mind and touched her heart. It shows me that behind every personality and belief system live human beings with the same needs, desires and hopes for health, happiness and freedom. Yoga makes it possible for her to connect with people on a human level regardless of nationality, walk of life, gender, race, sexual orientation, body type or age. It is such a joy and honor for her to be able to share these ancient practices of healing with you!
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