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Best Advice: 10 Ways to Find Greatness

1. What makes you smile the most?  When we do what makes us happiest, greatness is inevitable!  Figure out your happy point and how you can help others with it.

2. Stop asking for permission!  News flash:  You only need your permission to give and receive greatness.  I was given the advice from an old  boss of mine, “It is better to ask for forgiveness than permission.”  When I first learned this, I had to bail myself out often but it was fun and I did find greatness.  I actually discovered that I am way more bad ass than I gave myself credit for.  I give this same advice at least 5 times a week.  I even tell my kids, which has bitten me a little but I know it will be key in their adulthood.  Stop asking and do it.  Find the greatness in you!

3. Write down your inner gifts.  If you are exceptional with people, animals, numbers, a paint brush…whatever gifts you have, write them down.  For me, I have a gift of relating to people of all walks of life and inspiring them to be their best selves, which has led me straight to Coaching, speaking, and writing.  This is what you need to do to find your greatness.  What can you offer the world?  Everybody has something to offer this world.

4. Close your mouth and ears and open your heart!  Yes of course this is a little folksy, but it is where greatness is found.  All greatness originates from the heart.  It is in your heart that your passion comes from and it is your greatness that stems from the passion.  Listen to your heart and have the gonads to follow it!

5. Nothing great comes risk free!  Sometimes the biggest risk it to admit to ourselves that we believe we are destined for more than what we are right now!  Greatness is found at the point of allowing your feet to leave the ground knowing that you have everything you need to land and continue moving forward!  The biggest risk in life is not having the courage to take one.  There is only one way to know how flippin great you are meant to be!

6. Stop worrying about looking like a fool!  I would be willing to bet that 98% of all people that have really pushed their limits and found greatness were told that they were ridiculous, lame, foolish, a silly dreamer, a time waster, a fool…  People that deem you a fool are simply screaming their own fears for themselves.  Most people are envious of the courage others display by finding their greatness and sharing it.  The only person that has an opinion of you that matters is you.  How you deem yourself is the permission you give others to deem you as.  Once you embrace yourself, you will find your greatness!

7. Have Fun!  Enjoy your journey.  Finding your greatness should be the funnest roller coaster ever!  You will have lows on this journey, this I tell you from experience.  If you don’t laugh at yourself, you will quit.  There are no rule books on this journey so it is entirely up to you to make this part of your greatness!

8. Be committed to finding your greatness!  This is not where you want to dabble.  This is where you run and jump head first!  Dig in and really find out what is greatness for you.  Being committed means without waver.  Every single day, this is your commitment to yourself.  Remember, this isn’t a hobby, it is a goal!

9. No excuse zone!  Nobody has ever said that they found greatness by making excuses!  Leave the excuses for the mediocre people, you are too great for that nonsense!  Anytime you delve into yourself will undoubtedly have paths of discomfort and pain.  We are weird creatures and sometimes it hurts but get passed it and find greatness, make excuses and find out just how screwed up you truly are!  When you are ready, you will barrel through this because the desire is burning hot enough!

10. Know that you deserve greatness!  You would think this is a no brainer, right?  Well, most people do not believe that they are worthy of greatness.  They feel “comfortable” where they are and believe greatness is for others…you know, the lucky ones!  This is the biggest crock of crap ever.  Greatness comes to those that will not accept anything less!  It comes to those that get out and get it, get out and create it, and kick down the obstacles that are blocking it.  You deserve greatness and the world deserves it from you!

What makes you great is not what you mimic of others but what you allow to shine that is just you!  You are more amazing than you know, and have more to give than you show.  Get out and find your greatness.  Right now is the perfect time for you to step up and outside of your comfort zone, greatness NEVER lives there!  #inspiration #youaregreat

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Debbie is a result focused Coach that has turned extensive Life, Business, Leadership, Recruiting, and Sales experience into a successful Coaching service that has and will continue to change many lives around the globe. Debbie's no excuse policy, along with the way she understands, communicates, and inspires people of every walk of life, is why she gets the results her client’s desire. She speaks in a way that is easily understood and applicable into each individual’s lives. Debbie listens to what her clients say and customizes her coaching accordingly. Debbie created Trifecta Executive Coaching in 2013. Her mission is to be the person that inspires and motivates people to achieve their goals. She holds her client’s accountable and pushes them hard to achieve a positive, results oriented and joyful life!

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