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Best Advice: Life Choices That Everybody Should Make

This morning at roughly 4:30 am, I found out that a classmate of mine had suddenly passed away yesterday. My only connection to him was on Facebook, but it stopped me in my tracks, just as sudden death generally does. The fact is that life is a gift and tomorrow is never promised…not to you nor your loved ones. One day you will not have the opportunity to “do it” tomorrow. One day you will not be able to “make time” to visit with your loved ones. One day is an unobtainable place where sadness and regret live, and where people’s dreams float abandoned and aimlessly!

Whatever your age, you are never too young or too old to learn that life is an absolute gift and is meant to be passionately lived, every single day! Being a Life Enhancing Coach, I am blessed with being a part of many people’s journey into achieving greatness! There are certain choices that I recommend to my clients across the board, regardless of their age, race, income, success, experience…they are timeless, healthy, and necessary to really achieve the life they desire. Of course, these are just a few, if you are interested in my Coaching services, I will have many more to offer you!

Best Advice: Life Choices Everybody Should Make

  • Choose Happiness – Yes, happiness is an absolute choice! The only place you will ever discover happiness is within yourself. If you are chasing it in somebody else, you may as well saddle up because this is going to be a lifelong ride! Only you have the power to choose to either be or not be happy! Circumstance has NOTHING to do with happiness…if it did, nobody would be happy! Happiness is about making the choice to be happy, period!
  • Choose Love – Life will suck if you do not make the choice to love! First off, you must make the choice to love yourself. You are unable to give or receive love if you do not fully love yourself. Next, make the choice to love others. This is a hard thing for many people to do. They put up walls that pretend to protect themselves, but really the walls are hurting and hindering them more that a broken heart would hurt! Then, make the choice to allow others to love you! Sounds easy enough, right? Well, allowing others to love you makes you vulnerable and that is super scary. For others to love you means that they would have to know about you. Which means you have to let them in! Love is one thing that when received and given fully will change us forever. It will teach us more about ourselves than any other emotion.
  • Choose Trust – Again, this is a choice! Life cannot be fully enjoyed and lived if you never take the risk of trusting yourself as well as others! Of course you could get emotionally hurt, however, not taking the chance to trust is a far more dangerous choice! When you trust yourself, you open up opportunities to make decisions, listen to your “gut,” inspire others to trust you… Making this choice is allowing yourself to really live life. Everything follows trust.
  • Choose to be positive – If you do not make the choice to be a positive person, life will kick the crap out of you! This is a daily, hourly, and sometimes minute by minute choice that you must make. Living a positive life means that you think, speak, and act in a positive way…which means everything has an upside to it! You no longer allow others negative vibes into your life. This takes work, as most life changing things do! Living a positive life is so freeing and truly allows you to live in the moment and not worry what is next.
  • Choose risk – I am a firm believer that everything awesome has a risk factor to it. One thing that I have found truth in is that the biggest risk of all is not having the guts to take one! Choosing to take a risk shows that you are loaded with confidence and have the resilience to bounce back should it not go favorably! You never know what life is holding for you unless you ante up! Everything has a risk factor to it…but never as much as doing nothing.
  • Choose YOU – This is such a difficult choice for many to make. We have been brainwashed that if we dare to care about or do for ourselves, we are selfish! The only thing selfish about this is coming from the person telling you to forget about yourself! Choosing you happens to be one of the most unselfish acts you can do. When you choose you, it shows all that are watching you that you matter, as do they! Choosing you sets the standard for how others should treat you. Choosing you means that you deem yourself important enough to invest in (hire a Coach, go to seminars, read books…), further your education (take classes, join groups…), have down time, have me time, live a healthy lifestyle, be mentally sound, be fulfilled and be happy! Choosing you says, “Heck yea world, I do deserve to live the life I desire!”
  • Choose to serve – Serving others puts life into perspective. This is a choice, yes, but it should be more like a personal requirement. Serving others will help you achieve all the previous suggested choices I have listed. There is no right or wrong way to serve others. You have something to offer that somebody needs. This could be taking time to speak with another human being. This could be offering money or things that money can buy. This could be anything that you have to offer another person. I suggest this choice to all of my clients because by serving others you truly find yourself. You will find your compassion, empathy, strengths, and weaknesses. There is nothing more than serving each other that gives greater reason for living!
  • Choose to be grateful – Every single day, being grateful is a choice! It is just as easy to be ungrateful as it is to be grateful, but the results differ immensely! When you make the choice to be grateful, you are saying that you appreciate everyone and everything that you have. It doesn’t mean that you don’t desire more, it simply means you notice and appreciate the blessings that you currently have! Gratitude is really one of the keys to life that opens up more doors than almost anything. Not only is it amazing for you but it is a contagious choice that many will want to be infected with once they see your attitude!

Everything in life is a choice but some should be mandatory and the ones I listed are just a few of those. Life is way too short to be unhappy, to live without passion, settle for mediocrity, or live a way that doesn’t make you excited to rise up every single morning! YOU HAVE THE CHOICE! Nobody else on this entire planet can make the choice for you or take it away from you. Nobody but you can give you what you truly desire!

You deserve to be happy, fulfilled, and live a successful life. All you need to do is believe in yourself and take one step forward at a time. Nothing will happen if you don’t make it happen! Get out and be the amazing you that you are! #whatinspiresme #motivational #lifeadvice

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