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Cancer Success Rate: The Truth

One of the most common questions I think that is asked from a cancer patient is “What is the success rate of the treatment or hospital” I wonder what would happen if a doctor turned that question around on us and asked us what we think our success rate is? What we plan on doing in this healing partnership. You have complete dominion over your body and you get to make all the choices.

I remember when my UCLA oncologist first met me and was discussing my treatment options. He terrified me with the mortality rate. I am over 3 years cured now. I went to Mexico so I could use treatments that will not be tested in the US because The drug companies cannot put a patent on fruit! So. IV vitamin C, IV B17, Ozone Therapy, Ultraviolet Light, Dendritic cell therapy the list goes on will not be offered to you by your oncologist. Just because it is not FDA approved does not mean it doesn’t work. It means the FDA refuses to test. It has been tested and used successfully in Mexico. I learned this and understood the common sense of it. I did not get sick with my cancer therapies. I did not vomit or lose my hair and I was cured in 8 months.We are brainwashed to be afraid of leaving our country for healing, and into thinking the hospitals are dirty and dangerous.

My healing was not a miracle, Watch video for story (How I beat cancer twice without chemotherapy) surviving the barbaric conventional treatments for cancer without any IV therapies prescribed to help restore the immune system is quite barbaric to me. Chemotherapy and radiation can cause cancer, we know this. I respect the reasons individuals choose the therapies recommended by their doctor. A trusted relationship is already established between patient and doctor and the sense of urgency is made clear by their physician. When you are told your life is at risk and the doctor recommends only what he is allowed to recommend which is chemo drugs, radiation and surgery, of course you will most likely head in that direction. Tamoxifen is a common drug prescribed for breast cancer and can cause uterine cancer. Don’t take my word, just research it like I did. Not one word that came out of my doctors mouth made me feel hopeful.

When these treatments fail many patients who choose alternative therapies are so frightened and afraid to trust anymore that they are very skeptical of these healing therapies. They have already been let down. I chose a healthier alternative, a hospital in Mexico, which my UCLA doctor referred to jokingly, as the “sunshine farm”. he discouraged me from my choice to do alternative medicine but I did what I felt was healthier anyway because it made more sense to heal and detox my body while killing cancer rather than rolling the dice and using chemo and poisoning my entire immune system while doing so.

When success came, it happened quickly! In 6 months the tumors in my body resolved themselves (disappeared) in my lungs, bones, lymph nodes everywhere and I was HEALTHY! I did this without using his recommended treatment. I will never forget his words,he said, ”I wish I had done the treatment so I could take credit for your recovery, while shaking his head in disbelief and laughing. He asked if he could take my medical file to a cancer conference to discuss my recovery with colleagues and of course I said yes.

Your success is based on your unique immune system which is different from everyone else. This sounds so simple, right? Well it is somewhat! This is very important. It may take me a couple weeks to heal from a flu virus and my daughter may get the same flu yet have a much stronger immune system and get well in 3 days and her brother could end up with it spreading to his lungs and have a horrible cough for 6 weeks.Here are some more examples. If you chose standard cancer treatments like chemotherapy, this compromises your immune system. Your age will also determine how many fighter cells you have. What other cancer treatments were used before finally going to an alternative hospital.

Chemotherapy and radiation compromises your immune system, so if you start treatment the same time as another patient that never used any, they may have a stronger immune system to fight it, but then again, their cancer could be worse then yours. Take into consideration types of drugs, how many rounds of chemotherapy? Did you have surgery recently, if so this puts a huge strain on an already compromised immune system. How extensive was your surgery. Are you dependent on drugs for pain management? How about alcohol or cigarettes. What chemicals have you been exposed to and are you still exposed to them? Do you eat healthy? If not, do you supplement enzymes,vitamins and minerals in your diet? Do you drink enough water? Is it good water? Are you overweight or underweight? How often do you exercise? Do you sleep adequately? Do you have faith in healing? How’s the air quality, do you get enough sunshine or too much sunshine? I have barely touched on all the contributing factors to each individual patient’s part in their own success. You have so much you can do to increase your own success rate.

What do you watch on television, is it causing anxiety and exhausting your adrenals? If so, right now while you are healing you need to notice what you put your body through emotionally. Emotions effect health and well-being. Do you listen to healing music or say, “why bother, it’s not my style” Cancer was not my style either, you can bet I listened to healing music. Have you researched art therapy? Get yourself a journal and write about every single person you have close contact with regularly on a daily basis. How do they treat you? How do they make you feel? You might need to have a loving conversation about taking a break. This is tough but many cancer warriors have benefited by the time off and yet many family members were very willing to make the adjustments on how they were treating their loved one.

You need to pay attention to your life. You are saving your life with a doctor and he is relying on you as much as you are relying on him. The doctor cannot do these things “for you”. You are unique and capable. You have so much power to make everything swing in your favor by changing your lifestyle! You deserve everything good.

We need to look at ourselves and think of our treatment as a partnership with a medical team that we have chosen to work with us. Educate yourself on the treatments recommended. This means actually doing a lot of research on a drug before taking it. Look at the pros and cons. If you are choosing alternative are you choosing the very best and is it aggressive enough? Ask for the list of treatments offered and research them as well. Focus on that and then have hope.

Remember, cancer thrives on a stressful, sleep deprived, nutrient deficient, oxygen deficient environment. The doctors are not magicians, but the right doctor can show you how to fight the disease and stay healthy! There is great medicine out there, but people must understand that it is always their choice to make very smart and healthy decisions. You have the ability to research. Think about how many patients a doctor sees. Look at the files they keep on all the patients. THIS IS COMMON SENSE. You are going to care the most and the sooner you realize this the better fighting chance you have. I have had a weak immune system since I was a child and I beat stage IV cancer into full recovery without chemotherapy. It was only after I got cancer that I began to learn about building a strong immune system.

Some patients leave the hospital smoking a cigarette right after treatment, the doctor is not going to chase after you and take that cigarette out of your hand and yet smoking depletes the body of oxygen causing your body to become oxygen deficient and this creates a cancer thriving environment. You are part of your success based on all your decisions and your attitude. It’s a responsibility taking care of yourself, especially when you know your life is threatened. The moment you start this journey in my own experience of standing toe to toe with death, I found it’s best not to think about that success rate “number” but rather focus on hope. Unless I am 6 feet under there is always hope! Now all I need to do is find out what it takes, what I need to make it happen.

The responsibility is our own, not our spouse, or the rest of our family, we must make the decisions every second, every minute, every day of how to heal our body. So be very smart about your choices. You make your own success until the Good Lord decides to take you. Make every minute of this precious life count!

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This post is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always consult with a physician and do your own research.

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Advocate for cancer patients seeking alternative holistic, cancer treatment. Founder and CEO for non profit organization Angels For Shannon which assists individuals and families affected by financial hardship trying to raise money for cancer treatment. Shannon has coached over 1,000 cancer patients. She battled stage 3 and stage 4 breast cancer successfully with alternative medicine and have a deep understanding and level of empathy for what cancer patients and their loved ones go through. On my free time you can find me hiking and doing photography, I love swimming in the ocean and especially love sunsets.

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