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Cure Fibromyalgia With Homeopathy

Fibromyalgia is one of the most common chronic pain disorders, affecting more than 5 million Americans, mostly women. It is characterized by widespread muscle aches & stiffness from all four quadrants of the body that may last the entire day, and most of the times accompanied by incapacitating fatigue, headaches, sleep disturbances, as well as memory and mood alterations. One of the key features of fibromyalgia is the presence of specific tender points. The inability to focus or concentration on mental tasks is often labelled as ‘Fibro Fog’. The condition typically develops between the ages of 30 and 50, but can occur in people of any age, including children and the elderly.

Since there is no lab test that can objectively confirm the diagnosis, it is usually concluded as ‘diagnosis by exclusion’ after ruling out other ailments based on the clinical features presented by the patient. The intensity and character of pain may be individualistic but patients often describe pain as stabbing or shooting kind. It is also believed that the condition can amplify painful sensations by affecting the way our brain can process pain signals.

The symptoms sometimes can begin after an accident (PTSD), major surgical procedure, infective episode or after a period of psychological stress. In many cases the symptoms gradually accumulate over time without having any specific triggering factor. It is often seen that the condition can run in families, pointing to genetic link. It is often observed that the patients have low concentrations of magnesium in their blood;
Interestingly, the patients suffering with fibromyalgia also show concomitant presence of tension headaches, temporomandibular joint affection, irritable bowel syndrome, anxiety or depression; most of which are psychosomatic in origin.

Though claimed none of the diet-supplements or specific diets has shown any effect on fibromyalgia. However, it is important for fibromyalgia patients to eat a healthy and balanced diet.
Exercise has been found to improve outcomes for people with fibromyalgia. Available pain relievers fail to provide any significant relief from the pain, making it an utmost frustrating situation for patient. That is the main reason why almost 90% of the patients take help of various alternative therapies to achieve desired relief. Homeopathy is one of the leading treatment options among them.

Since every true homeopathic prescription is individualistic in nature, one must select the remedy based on symptom-similarity alone. Although the following can be named as top five remedies for fibromyalgia, an individual case might need a totally different remedy as per the characteristic presentation. Thus it is strictly advised to consult a professional homeopath for the treatment.

Here are the top five remedies with their respective indications…

BRYONIA: Pains are stitching or stabbing in nature that get aggravated by slightest motion. Patient prefers to sit or sleep quietly without moving a bit. Every spot on the body is painful on pressure. In general the patient gets worse by warmth or on waking up in the morning. The pain feels better by lying on painful side, hard pressure, absolute rest and cold applications.

RHUS TOX: This is the key remedy for any kind of rheumatic ailment. The pain appears after getting wet or being overheated. Fibromyalgia starting after strain or sprain of muscles gets relived with this remedy. Pains are as if a muscle was torn from its attachment or the bone has got scraped with a sharp knife. There is generalized soreness of the joints. Lameness, stiffness and pain on first moving after rest or on getting up in the morning indicates this remedy. One of the trio for restlessness. Patient feels better in warm and dry weather or by continued motion.

KALMIA: Pains are sticking, darting, pressing, or shooting in nature. The most peculiar presentation will be the joints of upper part of the body getting involved first and then the pain travelling downwards to the lower limbs. The pain is associated with numbness of the affected part. It is mostly a right sided remedy, but the pains can change places often going from joint to joint. The affected joints are red and swollen.

CAUSTICUM: This remedy is typically indicated in patients who have long-lasting grief or sorrow leading to fibromyalgia. The pains appear suddenly due to fear, fright or anger. Like rhus tox, there is a marked restlessness where the patient feels like moving constantly but motion does not relieve. Pains are associated with paralysis or paresis of single parts. Typically precipitated after getting exposed to cold air or draft. the most peculiar feature of this remedy is getting aggravated in clear fine weather while feeling relieved in damp wet weather.

ARNICA: Typically helps nervous women affected with fibromyalgia with bad effects from mechanical injuries. There is sore, lame and bruised feeling all through the body, as if beaten. Everything on which the patient lies seems too hard. There is a heat of the upper body with coldness in the lower part. Pains are aggravated by lying down and relived with motion.

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