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Feeling Lost? 5 Questions You Need to Answer Today

Too often we get caught up in the daily hoopla of concerning ourselves with what we need to do for this person or that person…but where does that leave you? Time is of the essence and guess what…that means you need to make the most of the time you are given…which means you must matter to you! Today is the perfect day for you to get reacquainted with yourself and make sure that who you are looking at in the mirror is the person you really want to be looking back at you! The reality is that most people have no idea who the person in the mirror is. They know who he/she was but not who they are now.

Two weeks ago, I hosted a small seminar on living your passion. There were about 25 people that attended, roughly 15 women and 10 men. They ranged from middle to upper income/career levels. It was a very intimate, soul searching type of seminar and really opened up each of their eyes to themselves. They were all there because they felt like something was missing from their lives. Each of them knew that they were meant for bigger and better than what they were living, they just were not able to reach that depth on their own. They felt lost in a way. These aren’t people that you would meet and think they were lost…but to them, they were unfulfilled and empty. Many people will say, “How do you teach people more about themselves than they know?” I say, “I Coach them to ask the questions that demand the answers that will ultimately teach them about themselves and then we get an action plan rolling.” The feedback I have received from each of the people has been nothing short of amazing! In two weeks, most of them feel like completely different people simply due to searching themselves for the answers and having the courage to take the actions needed to begin their new journey. Losing yourself is an easy thing that everybody is guilty of allowing at one time or another. The amazing thing is that it is never too late to ask the questions and find the answers that will change your life!

Feeling Lost? 5 Questions You Need to Answer Today

1. What makes me happy?

This question is the most important question you can ask yourself. We are trained to put our happiness on the back burner until everybody else is taken care of, but that is a load of crap! If we put our happiness as a priority, we will be that much more equip to play a role in others happiness. You need to really think about this question. The first few answers will come to you with ease; it is the back end that can pull a few heart strings. Asking yourself what makes you happy means: Are you taking the actions needed to be happy? Are you surrounding yourself with people that truly make you happy? Are these people supportive of what makes you happy? Are you in a career that makes you happy? Take some time and get deep with this, I bet you will surprise yourself.

2. What have I settled on?

This question can suck on many levels, however, it is very necessary to delve into. Everybody settles on many things in their lives…until they decide not to. Telling yourself that you deserve awesomeness is a lot easier than actually taking the steps to achieve it. Some aspects of this question would be: In my relationship, am I truly satisfied or am I settling? Am I settling for the job I have or is it my passion? Am I settling for the income I make? Am I settling for a mediocre life?

Asking this question can actually allow you to rectify a problem before it gets out of control. Take relationships for instance: Many marriages end in divorce because they couple did not discuss what they really want from the other, until it was too late. Relationships will become stagnant if allowed. This holds true for your career as well. If you work for somebody, let them know if you are becoming stale. Give them the opportunity to support your desires. You do not have to settle on anything. Without asking yourself this question often, you will find yourself in this sand trap and swinging in the sand. You can live an amazing life, you simply have to make the choice to do it!

3. Was I a positive person today?

Being a positive person isn’t a given, you have to make a choice and take the proper actions. You can’t be partially positive in life. You are or you are not a positive person. Ask yourself every single day, “Was I a positive person today?” Being a positive person means that your thoughts, words, and actions were all positive. The way you think about yourself needs to be positive. Your reaction to all situations need to be positive. By the way, being positive does not mean that you are an unrealistic person, it means you have taken control of your actions and choose to make them positive. Being a positive person will open the door for you on so many levels. This one choice will lead you to exactly where you desire to be.

4. What do I want my life to look like?

It is easy to feel lost when you don’t know what arriving feels like. Sit down and write out what you want your life to look like. What does your ideal relationship look and feel like? What does your career look like? What does your body look like? What does your free time look like? What does your busy time look like?

The only way for you to truly find yourself and begin living the life you desire is to know what the heck that means to you. It is easy to simply fall in line and become complacent in your life. We are kind of programmed to just roll with or accept what our lives become. Living like that is for people that lack the sack to ante up some risk and really live the life they desire. Have the passionate relationship you want. Get the income you desire. Work in the career field that pumps your blood the most. Know what it is that you want and take the actions to achieve it. Until you answer this question, you will be lost.

5. Are you the type of person that you would admire?

Another brutally honest, sometimes painful question that needs to be answered. Are you the spouse that you would admire? The employer/employee that you would admire? How about relative or friend, are you the type you would admire? I come across this situation often in my Coaching business. People speak of many people that they admire but do not take the actions to live as they do. They say, “I admire my Dad for the way he treats my mom,” but meanwhile, he isn’t doing anything to treat his wife like that…but is still expecting the same results he sees his mom give his dad (And holds the same with women too.) Be the person that you admire most! Be the person that others look up to. Ask yourself this question and you will discover who you truly admire and which of their traits you can immediately integrate into your daily life. You want to be, and deserve to be proud of the person you see in the mirror, not ashamed.

Everybody gets lost in life at some point, some more than others. This is your journey and in order to find yourself, you must get lost some times! Remember, it is never too late to be the person you desire to be, it takes a choice and an action…that is it! When you find yourself, you will then see the beauty that those around you have been admiring all along!

Don’t waste one more day wishing…today is your day to begin your new life. Get out and be the fabulous person that you are. #Inspirational #Motivational #bestadvice


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