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My child is being held against her will – Kidnapped by Harris County Georgia CPS

One of the saddest days of my life was when my children were taken from me March 2019 by CPS. I raised children for well over 24 years and never once were any of my children abused in any way. I have five children and three of them are adults. Since my youngest three daughters were taken the oldest of the three Lottie, turned 18 and is safely home. My daughter Tatum cry’s for me and is rarely allowed to call and when she does she sounds like she wants to cry because her father and step mother are listening.  I have not been allowed to see my children in over 9 months. The last time I saw them was on Christmas and I was so thankful to get 4 hours with them, the year before I got nothing.

I am convinced my calling is to bring to light the misjustice of our court system and CPS. And I’m begging you to help me get my daughter Tatum Hoover back. Please sign my petition to get her back home safely. I’m sorry this story is so long, I’m trying my best to touch on everything mentioned in court that lasted for what seams like forever. The petition has a shorter version on what has been going on.

My aunt Gail Babb that I offered to be a surrogate mother for before and after my husband died is best friends with the States Attorney, Tina Stevens. Never once did she or her sisters ever ask if I needed help in all the 15 years since my husband died but 2 of them showed up in court not for support but to take my children. Georgia, my 16 year old now lives with Gail. I pointed out to the judge that the states attorney kissed my two aunts on both cheeks several times before court hearings and that it was a conflict on interest because the states attorney was clearly influenced by her long lost friend Gail Babb and sisters. Gail’s sister Monica/Lisa told me and my witnesses that they were all best friends and go way back. My at the time neighbor (ex-social worker) Paul Chappel testified (and wrote letters to the court) about it but Judge Loudermilk did not care and seamed amused by it. Now that my 16 year old lives with my aunt she no longer talks to her siblings like she use to or myself. I’m sure she is being groomed and manipulated to do just that, I was always very close to Georgia and all my children before they were taken. Georgia knows that I and all her siblings love her dearly. I think she is going to have to grow up to see the manipulation.

All 5 of my children were very close growing up and I even felt like I helped raise many of their friends.
Today I am 46 and my children are Ryan 28, Brooke 26, Lottie 18, Georgia 16, and Tatum12

All 5 of my children were very close growing up and I even felt like I helped raise many of their friends.

Tatum was an extremely happy straight-A student that loved me and just about everyone she encountered. Social worker Earline Hall testified that Tatum loved me and was a “momma’s girl”. (All of my children are momma’s babies). Earline was asked in court how I abused my kids, she said she doesn’t really know how to describe it exactly and then testified “she puts her kids in a bubble”. Then elaborated saying that I didn’t bring men around them and recently after my adult son was shot in the head wouldn’t let my kids be around my family. The States Attorney then asked her about my husbands death. Earline when on to say some bogus story about how I drove a boat to the middle of a lake and chained my husband up to a block and dumped his body in the water. I was in shock that the judge not only let the states attorney question her about my husband that she never knew, the Judge again looked to be amused like he was getting a thrill off torturing my family. My husband was very sick and did not die that way at all and when it was my turn to get on the stand the judge allowed the States Attorney to badger me about my army husband’s death. It should and probably is against the law but Judge Loudermilk made it clear he makes the decisions/law in his courtroom. The judge reminded me several times that there is no jury and he makes the decision in where my children go, like he wanted me to beg him, which I did.

This situation is not one that only I am going through. Every year over 3 million children are taken from their family’s and many times put into abusive situations. Many of these children are murdered, physically, sexually, and emotionally abused. Georgia Senator Nancy Schaefer spoke out about it publicly and she and her husband were murdered with gun shot wounds to the head. Nancy points out how the government and courts cash in on foster children in this 12 minute youtube video here:

continue reading about how Tatum was taken


Vince Gaultney– biological father of Tatum Hoover

  • Testified that he had a clean record – obviously he lied
  • Arrested 3/19/16 DUI and child endangerment only a few years before this case started where he dumped his minor children off in a unfamiliar place while driving around drunk on vacation with his toddler crawling around in the truck with no car seat or seat belt full arrest report
  • Arrested 11/22/14 for two counts of Simple Battery dismissed by Judge Prather on 1/2015
  • Arrested 8/18/12 for who knows what but was plead down to no seat belt
  • Arrested 5/14/11 for SIMPLE BATTERY and SIMPLE ASSAULT
  • Arrested for two counts of Simple Battery Family Violence dismissed on 6/2011 by Judge Prather
  • Has a protective order against him 8/2010 for Family Violence Simple Battery  when he chased his ex-step son down the street with a knife yelling “I’m going to kill you”
  • Vince has had many different drugs in his system while being tested by CPS and tells the judge they are prescribed to him by a doctor but never has the same drug consistently in his system like a prescription would be taken or proof of prescription
  • Vince has 2 fake businesses to fraud the government according to investigator, both businesses listed at his rental house at 3942 Ashmore Dr, Columbus GA 31909
  • One of Vince’s presumed fake businesses is Network Engineering and Security LLC. got a PPP corona loan in the amount of $97,428 that was 100+% forgiven. Vince has always kept a full time job for other people’s companies and his wife testified that she did not work but is listed as a worker.

Click here for more info on Vince Gaultney

Lisa Carter-
sister of Donna Hoover and Aunt to the Hoover children

  • CPS testified that she had a clean record besides a trespassing charge- they lied
  • Arrested 4/24/2011 for obstruction, and 2 simple battery harm to random people in a bar
  • Donna bonded Lisa Carter out of Lee County Alabama jail too many times to count for beating up her second ex-husband. Lisa told Donna that she had to pay $14,000 to get it expunged from her record.
  • The Hoover children complained about Lisa’s drinking and having random drunk men in the house at night and social worker Earline Hall threatened them that if they complain again they will be put in a group home.
  • Donna Hoover testified that Lisa Carter attacked her on 4th of July in front of her children, and Lisa testified to it to Judge Loudermilk as she was proud of herself. A picture of Donna Hoover’s black eye was submitted as evidence.
  • Testified that she could be the Hoover’s mother because her and Donna’s DNA was so close.
  • Donna witnessed Lisa fight with her ex-husband’s for over a hour about who had to change their child’s diaper before Donna would often just do it. Donna also took care of Lisa’s children along with her own 5.

Derick Pinkney – Director of CPS of Harris County/ Division of Family and Children’s Services

  • Derick Pinkney continually lied to the court while under oath and bullied the Hoover children
  • Derick Pinkney lied to the court and said that counselor Susan Dawson of Reality Check Counseling Services, LLC of Pensacola FL said that Donna Hoover was a psychopath. When what was really relayed to him in writing was that Lisa Carter (Donna’s evil twin) TOLD Susan Dawson that Donna Hoover was a psychopath. (According to science many psychopaths point narcissism at others)
  • Derick Pinkney lied in court many times saying that the Hoover children did not want to live with their mother. The children expressed to many people that they wanted to live with their mother including a counselor that testified to it. Earline Hall (CPS worker} also testified they wanted to live with their mother. Donna’s two attorneys also verified that they wanted live with their mother and that that;s what they told the judge but the order that the judge signed didn’t reflect it. The attorney’s also told Donna that this case was obviously corrupt and all about money and expressing they didn’t want to be a part of it and quit
  • Derick Pinkney bullied Lottie Hoover, Tatum Hoover, and Georgia Hoover to keep them in the system.
  • Derick Pinkney talked to Donna Hoover’s counselor Jacob Davis of Santa Rosa Counseling in Pace Fl many times. Derick also testified many times in court for over a year that he was consistently in contact with Jacob Davis. Then at the last court hearing when Donna Hoover’s children were given away he testified in court that Donna did not get any mental health help at all and that he had no clue who Jacob Davis was.
  • Dr. Cole who works for CPS of Harris County told a fellow mental healthcare worker that he was bullied by Derick Pinkney and expressed that this case was a power struggle and a witch hunt and that he had never encountered a situation with CPS or with a social worker like Derick Pinkney.
  • Dr. Hertza of Neurobehavioral Associates in Augusta GA told Donna Hoover that Derick Pinkney called him demanding that Donna Hoover was crazy and basically strong arming him.
  • Dr Hertza knew that the owner of Diversified Consulting Services LLC basically lost his business of 15 employees and contract with social services for not siding with the social worker but they blamed it on a bogus accusation that Donna and he had an affair. The counselor now wants nothing to do with this case after losing a business that he worked for his whole life to establish. He and Donna would gladly take polygraphs to ever having an affair or even kissing or doing anything romantic if he could get his contact back with social services. Social services would rather have LIARS like Derick Pinkney and people like Earline HALL that believe keeping children safe is cruelty and a “bubble”.

Donna Hoover – Tatum’s mother

This was Donna Hoover’s life in Jan 2006, two months before losing the love of her life, husband SFC Brian Hoover to PTSD.

A year and a half later Donna met Vince and after 9 months of dating and abuse from Vince Donna became pregnant with Tatum.

At three months pregnant Donna let Vince and his 4 children move in. He lived with her for 2 days before he left his computer open and Donna read myspace emails that Vince was writing to 4 other widows. He searched them out. Donna quickly kicked him out and the next day he was living with his next wife. Vince harassed Donna on a daily basis while she was pregnant.

After Vince got married and abused his second wife and her children he quickly married widow wife #3. After abusing that family he is now married to his now wife #4.

  • Donna had zero drugs in her system when routinely checked via urine and hair follicle test by DFCS for years
  • Donna did everything asked of the court and spent thousands of dollars of her children’s inheritance that they no longer have to do the things asked by the court.
  • Two days before the kids were taken Donna bought her girls and two of their friends Six Flags season passes for the third time but was never allowed a visit to take them and the Judge again seemed to enjoy telling her no.
  • December 2019 Lottie and Georgia Hoover were invite by Gary Sinise to go to Disney World with Snowball Express, the girls were looking forward to it all year long. Again the judge got pleasure in saying no and didn’t even let the kids see their mother on Christmas nor none of their birthdays.
  • Six months before the kids were taken Donna took great care of her daughters best friend for several months while her mother was in Afghanistan
  • Donna prayed daily with her kids and cooked nutritious meals for them most days. That was used against her saying she was too strict on the children’s diets.
  • Judge Loudermilk bragged about how well mannered the children were and when Donna commented that they are so good because of the way they were raised it was amusing to him and brushed off, just like when I expressed that my family is a Gold Star family. None of it means anything in Judge Loudermilk’s court room unless you are a druggie on meth and only been clean a few weeks or break your child’s bones.. Donna witnessed those parents getting their kids back. None of those family’s had 20+ people in the room making $$$ from the case.
  • Judge Loudermilk oohed and ahed at pictures of the state Attorney best friend Aunt Gail Babb’s house. Donna asked when he was going to look at pictures of her house and he acted like it was a joke. Gail then told the kids that she and her husband changed their minds and they didn’t want them. Later she changed her mind and Donna is convinced the mail reasons she wanted Georgia is to hurt Donna. Plus the tax write off and social security. Gail nor her two sisters that fought over their mothers jewelry while their mother lay dying of cancer in the bed next to the jewelry box ever asked Donna if she needed help raising her five children after her husband died nor did they ask her if she needed a break.

Child Theft & Misconduct of Harris County Georgia Officials
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