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Teach Children the Way to ‘Holistic Wellness’ in 7 Steps

Children are no doubt our future generation. And it is not only our innate right, but also our highest duty to show them the right way. Let us pledge to teach our children and all children of the world to live a life enriched with complete and holistic wellness. Let us make them realize that whatever the age that they are in today, they have as yet to learn to be and always remain in the blissful state of wellness. They must know and understand that wellness is not simply absence of disease, yet they have to live their entire life in the vault of wellness on all levels of Physical, Mental, Spiritual and Emotional well being. This is the right path and as parents, teachers, mentors or guardians, we will render full support and companionship to lead them on to the right track of Holistic Wellness.

One thing I want you to kindly ponder upon, do you think that Children today are ready to listen to you with open ears? It is surely not that easy. Knowingly or unknowingly we have formed their habits, as we have formed ours. Do understand that the children would not listen to you but they actually perceive. As parents or the elders we have a task of waking up kids every single day. It makes all sense that so as to make them rise from their siesta, it is rather mandatory for us to be awake first. Take the task to put on your own ‘Wake up Call’ and you will discover this for yourself that how the kids would be simply duplicating you.

Please remember, if we won’t take the initiative and if we won’t tell, they won’t know, simple as that. Now, this is going to be a ‘win-win’ situation because at times we will tell them, and times we will learn from them.

Step 1. Your Physical Wellness Embarks on “Healthy Eating”

“To keep our body in Good Health is our duty, otherwise we shall not able to keep our mind strong and clear” – Buddha

Children, you must know the fact that howsoever beautiful the life is, world over there are so many lifestyle diseases such as heart problems as killer number one, followed by diabetes, obesity, arthritis, and cancer etc. which are simply on the rise. Our ancient wisdom tells us that the root of health lies in “Aahar Vihar” i.e. diet and lifestyle. You must understand and value the ‘Ojas’ or Natural immunity as a Suraksha Kavach by knowing ‘What to Eat, When to Eat and How to eat’. Know that the there are Satvik, Rajsik and Tamsik foods. Processed and Junk foods are generally tamsik and could be causing more of harm and lethargy to your system and thus should be eaten only occasionally. The best time for eating is along with the strength of the sun’s rays, so between 12 Noon and 2 p.m. is the best time to have a full meal. How to eat is important. Eating mindlessly without focusing on food is harmful. One should not focus on TV while eating. Rather, the focus should be on every bite, not fast, not too slow eating, but with a feeling of relaxation and contentment and observing proper hygiene. You may know more about Healthy Eating here.

Step 2. Following the Right Lifestyle Tips will Keep you “On the Go”!

The everyday Lifestyle rules actually need to be followed for your own goodness and also to stay clear of a number of ailments. Once you pay heed to lifestyle rules, you are sure to be much more energetic, lively and physically & mentally strong and automatically motivated. This is going to be great help for steering clear of all the hurdles, big or small, that life somehow brings our way. Please understand this today as this seems all the more relevant to understand and follow the precise natural lifestyle. Going back to nature and living naturally is definitely the need of the times and this is going to be your big support. Focus on 3 basic Pillars of wellness – Eat right, Exercise with all your might and Sleep tight! Following the simple step-by-step guide of the Ayurveda lifestyle is easy and a sure way to gain and maintain natural wellness and holistic wellbeing. You can read about this here.

Step 3. Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation will Enlighten your “Hidden Powers”

You are much more powerful, gifted with Endurance and Will-Power, than you would be knowing at this time. All you need to do is to awaken your inbuilt strength and do it gradually every single day. These life-saving techniques are very simple, and yet very effective. All you need to do is to practice them everyday religiously. Please understand, it is completely all right if you do not see the others doing the same, allow them to take to their own journey and you take the responsibility of your own. And believe me, in little span of time if you are able to handle optimistically just one person and that is ‘YOU’, you will find that many others will want to follow and learn from you. Dear Child, when you are strong from within, then all that is without is simply to follow. Learn more about the simple art of meditation here.

Step 4. Connect with Mother Nature “As much and As often”

The other day, when I saw my daughter fighting examination stress, I told her to go out into the backyard and connect with nature. After a while she was back looking rather perplexed. “I don’t see much nature out there — all I see are tall buildings near the house,” she said. I was amazed by her response and took her out with me. “Can you feel the ground below your feet? It is the earth. And can you see the sky up there and feel the air touching your skin? And it is still light, so the sun is also around.” And what about water? she asked. “Water is also here as moisture within you and me,” I replied. Once I had explained my daughter seemed at ease. I too was relaxed because I had somehow planted in her the virtue of being in proximity with nature!
Dear Child, we know this well and understand that you are damn busy generation, with little or no spare time, There are loads of dreams, destination and expectations from you. But do spare time for a refreshing proximity with Nature often. We are ‘Natural’ beings made up of the same stuff as is revealed in the entire nature. Connecting with nature is going to be both your comfort and consolation. If you believe that often rejuvenating with nature is not always going to be your cup of tea, then here is the good news! Staying where you are you can practice being close to nature and always remember that Nature is for always your sole provider.

Step 5. “Continued State of Happiness” is Your Challenge, Take it!

‘Being Happy’ is ‘Being Human’. It is because when you are happy and overjoyed, you are in the immortal and divine state of ‘Sat Chit Ananda’ . This is the upmost blessing that you can confer on yourself, and on all your loved ones. Just check this out for your own self – Do you remain happy at all times, sometimes or occasionally? I have learnt that if you want your coming moments to be happy, then just be happy NOW. There is no short way and ‘Happiness’ is just all that we need. Let me tell you that this was not so simple to understand until I had this dialogue and discussion with my own self.

Me -‘ But how can I be happy in this situation? Not easy at all!’

The Reply – ‘ Yes, but this is the Challenge’

Me – ‘What Challenge?? When did I ask for this Challenge?’

The Reply -‘That very day when you qualified for Human life’.

Me -‘All right then, of course this situation and many others of the kind do not leave me feel happy. All I can do is at least prevent myself consciously from feeling un-happy. Will this do?’

The Reply – ‘This sure will. But as you must understand that only happiness attracts more happiness. If you cannot be happy, don’t really expect more happiness in life’.

Me – ‘Hmm.. But that’s ok. I will try my level best not to allow the sadness to set in. Does this change my life?

The Reply – ‘Yes, you will keep away from sadness.’

Me -‘ Then will I attract more happiness?’

The Reply – ‘ You will not. If you want more happiness, then be happy NOW. Take the Challenge!’

Step 6. “Discover your Passion, Dwell in your Purpose”

Sooner or later you will know that God has not created your life for no reason at all. We are all born to accomplish some un-completed tasks and we are all gifted. Now, as we grow we must keep this in the back of our minds that there is surely something that gives us more happiness and peace than other ‘day – to – day’ experiences. Please never judge this virtue by some artificial and timely joys of life. Watching a movie, purchasing an expensive article of joy, satisfying your taste-buds, passing time with some stimulated means of happiness, all these are not lasting. Their compassion merely lasts for some time and then leaves you in the state of being bored once again. There is a purpose within you which is simply waiting to be unfolded. Don’t strain you nerves at this time, just breath and let go. Only remain on the right track of wellness and sooner or later it will have to unfold to you all by itself.

When my son was in class 5, his teacher gave him the task to complete for the school project. And this has been one of the most gratifying and overwhelming experiences of my life, when my son who had been asked to take an interview of a ‘Role-Model’ in his life, preferred to ask me the questions. That was a time when I could tell him. And there was the time when he made me understand. (Remember the win-win situation I mentioned earlier). Ishan, my son, is an ardent swimmer. And this is the lesson he taught me about learning the art of swimming. In the small age he could make me realize –

“Surrendering to water with absolute faith and trust that it would not let me sink.”

This simple realization was the self – awareness that was great support for me as I leaped into the water, lowering my head and finally permitting my feet to leave the ground ! I felt the need to share this, because I realize it now that Surrendering with complete Trust is the key to not only overcome fear , but also discovering your innate potential!

Step 7. “Moral Values” will Always Master you Mind

Children, you must remember that “Life is not a bed of roses”. Whatever the circumstances or situations that will be coming your way, you will have to be watchful towards your ‘mind’ and become its master, before your mind tries to master you and overcome you. Once you know that you have all the power, you will be able to save yourself from so many wrong practices that are prevalent in our society today. Do keep yourself away from un-necessary competition, but compete with your own self setting high standards for your being. Do not be lured by all that what your own conscious mind does not agree upon.

Do be ready to offer respect and unconditional love and gratitude from the core of your heart, and know to forgive others, Please remember that world is a beautiful place to live in, and you are born only to add more beauty and affection to the creation of the Almighty. Life is not hard or non-justified, rather I would say that as Children, the ball is very much in your court. Learn to play the game with courage, optimism and justice. Do your best and life will always be more giving and thankful to you, more than you can imagine! And do not hesitate to ask for help from your parent, elder or teacher if need be. They are much more experienced and your ‘Best friends’.

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