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10 Things You Must Let Go of Today

Have you ever stopped and wondered what it is that is holding you back in life? What is it that is blocking happiness, personal/professional success, love, and financial freedom? Well, more often than not it is us that stop our own success! Sounds whacky that we would block ourselves from obtaining the very things we desire right?

As a Coach, I speak with people often that tell me that they do not feel as if they deserve greatness. These are people that have achieved a high level of professional success and on the surface seem to have their personal lives together…but in their minds they are incomplete and unhappy. This is very common! All the people that I work with are wonderful people (or I would not work with them) that know they have more to offer than what they are allowing. I don’t use the term “Every” too often because I am a big believer that most of life occurs in the gray area, however, EVERY one of my clients that feels this way has held onto useless things that continues to hold them back!

Just like the rest of the world, I am guilty of blocking myself too (that’s why I know what I am speaking about). It isn’t an easy pill to swallow knowing that you are absolutely accountable for your results or lack of. Here’s what I can promise you, once you take full accountability for your results, the blocks will begin to crumble away and you will finally be able to live the life you truly desire!

The way I see it, there are 10 things that people hold onto that have only one benefit to them and that is to learn from them. Get the lesson then say good-bye! Of course there are more than 10 but these are the MUSTS. I would love to hear your additions in the comment section.

10 Things You Must Let Go of Today

1. Yesterday

No matter how hard you try, you will never get yesterday back so stop trying! The more you focus on a re-do for yesterday, the more you miss of today…which of course leads to more “yesterday” re-do’s. The only things yesterday has for you today are memories and lessons. Other than that, it is gone!

2. Negativity

In order for you to achieve happiness and professional/personal success, you must let go of the negativity! How in the world can you get positive results with a negative mind? You can’t, period! Easy way to let go of negativity is to be aware that you have negative thoughts, speak negative words, and take negative actions. Once you are aware, you will notice when you do it. Stop yourself and replace it with a positive thought, word, and/or action. You must let go of this useless anchor in order for you to live the life you desire.

3. Guilt

Guilt is solely good to learn from. It does absolutely nothing else for you, except give you a reason to not achieve greatness! Whatever you are feeling guilty over (an ex-lover, family member, career…) either rectify it or let it go! Stop giving yourself this out and start living in today!

 4. Perfectionism

perfectisboringSM3Today is a great day to release your need to be perfect. Guess what, more than likely you are only perfect to your Mom! You are human, which means you will make mistakes. The art is finding the beauty in your imperfections (which is how relationships last). Nobody is judging you harder than yourself. You don’t expect anybody else to be perfect all the time, how dare you hold yourself such a ridiculous standard. Here is my definition of perfect: Giving 100% of yourself each day, leave it all on the field. Remember, everybody’s 100% is different every single day. Perfectionism is setting yourself up for failure. Let it go!

5. Useless behaviors

You aren’t 5 anymore, stop acting like a fool! If you continually fail due to bad behaviors, it is time that you let them go and step up to the plate. I have client’s that tell me they desire a healthy relationship but have one night stands often. Not knocking a one night stand but if you are searching for a relationship, stop the one night stands. If you desire financial security, stop impulse buying. In order to achieve the results you desire, you must let go of your useless behaviors. This was a very hard step for me and one that I intentionally practice every single day! If your behavior is sabotaging your desired results, I am speaking to you!

6. Being too busy

If your life is too busy for you to actually live, you need to decide what parts you need to let go, and I mean let go today! Everybody says they are too busy but what in the hell does that mean? I have yet to meet somebody that is truly too busy all the time. Of course, there are the late work nights or a few days that are crammed with to-do’s, but always…heck no! Let go of saying that you are too busy. Are you too busy to achieve your goals? Are you too busy to enjoy your family/friends or for them to enjoy you? Like it or not you will be dead at some point and it is up to you today to decide really what you are too busy for. Time is the one thing that you can never get back.

7. Unhealthy fear

Not all fear is a bad thing. Fear is what many happy, successful people use to motivate them and keep their momentum going. I am speaking about unhealthy fear, like the fear of success, fear of intimacy, fear of failure. This is the most common thing that holds people back from achieving the results that they desire. These fears are like strippers in your life. They take you so far then leave you sweating and frustrated! Let them go. Give yourself a chance to take the risk and complete it. If you fail, so what, get up and learn from it. You will never know until you actually give it 100%. Let the fear go. You have so much more to give, don’t let fear hold you back!

8. Insecurities

News flash, everybody feels insecure about one or more things about themselves. That is normal, but to let it hold you back is not acceptable. You are not stuck with these insecurities, you can take actions to strengthen your confidence, self-worth, and self-love. In order for you to move forward, you must let go of these insecurities and start embracing you for being you. The way you view yourself is ultimately how everybody else will view you. It is up to you to set the standard of how you are respected or not by others. Holding onto these insecurities is doing nothing for you but working as your worst enemy. Not only are they useless but they are probably not even true! Let it go and make room for a higher level of confidence, self-worth, and self-love. It is amazing the results you can achieve when you actually believe you can achieve them!

9. Blaming

If you read my posts, you know that I am big on accountability. It is absolutely crucial for you to let go of the blaming nonsense and hold only you accountable for your results! Let the blaming go! Until you “blame” yourself, you will not achieve the results in life that you desire. How could you if you never blame yourself? The first thing to do is realize that you blame others for your results. Then stop yourself and hold only you accountable for your thoughts, actions, and words…only then will you know true freedom. You are now in the driver’s seat of your own life! Let go of blaming today and start driving your life!

10. Comparing yourself

Something so many people do that is not productive at all is to compare themselves to others. That is like me saying, “I’ll never be Tony Robbins so I guess I won’t Coach anybody!” So lame! Of course I will never be Tony Robbins… I am Debbie Dickerson! We are different with different life experiences, I could not measure up to him or him to me. He will never be Debbie Dickerson. In reality, it doesn’t matter what others are, it matters what you are and what you offer to others. The only person you should compare yourself to is who you were yesterday and are you better today.

Imagine what would happen if we took the same amount of time and energy that we hold ourselves back and replaced it with positive confidence and love, life would be completely different! Give yourself the opportunity to be the amazing person that everybody else sees! #bestadvice #confidence #inspirational

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  1.' Michele Sues // January 8, 2015 at 9:27 pm //

    I have enjoyed Debbie Dickerson and her writings for quite some time. I am so glad I found this site and that Debbie is on it.

  2.' Marcia skowron // January 8, 2015 at 9:34 pm //

    I have been a fan of Debbie Dickerson for some time and I am so glad to see this great blog on your site which I am enjoying. I definitely recommend her book, I got some wonderful insight reading her confidence book.

  3. Great read indeed, thank you so much Debbie. Ever since I followed you on LI my life has greatly been influenced by your insights. You are one shining star.

  4. Awesome article, Debbie. I found some useful information within it. Keep posting your encouraging words and articles. You are making a difference.

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