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The Economy is Killing us Softly – Food & Health

Every year the world consumes billions in pharmaceutical drugs, our children are born in to an obese life where morals are traded for mortgages, neighbouring countries are bombed for fossil fuels and mother earth takes another hit from our nonsensical attitudes.

The economy of today is a monster created by governments, pedalled by the majority and controlled by a few. It is the foundations of our diminishing health and well being which can be easily treated and cured if only the medicine was readily available to us. Pharmaceutical drugs are not the medicine, the medicine is affordable, pure, unprocessed food that can simply provide us with all the nutrients the human body needs to survive and thrive. Instead we are swamped with corporate food manufactures that provide us mainly with products that are detrimental to our health, powerful drugs companies that provide “the answer” to our poor health and insurance companies and taxes to pay for “the answer”, leaving us in a sick cycle of disease, dependent upon the economy to one day, hopefully, drag us out.

It is becoming more apparent that the diseases of modern day ranging from obesity to depression are being caused by a state of malnutrition and yet there is more available to us in this very hour, in the most accessible ways than ever before. Corporate food and drugs companies have abused their position and instead of providing us with what we need, they offer only what we think we need. Playing on the chemical addictions built in to us, they give us products that make us sick and keep us there, not only have we paid for the privilege, we’re happy to come back for more. There is no more effort required to produce nutrient rich food than for a ready meal, if anything, producing clean quality food is cheaper than chemically enhanced, GMO products, however if we all started eating food that was good for us and became truly healthy as a race the economy would have to have a rethink about the position it holds.

In a world where we can build an abundance of complexed computers to replace humans, why can’t we provide humans with an adequate amount of natural, healthy and affordable foods? Diet soda should not be cheaper than clean drinking water and happy meals should not be more affordable than a plate of vegetables. Surely health should be the No1 priority to every person on the planet. I like many of us, hope for an intervention to #FixIt

About Louis Evling Jones (2 Articles)
Louis is a driven, goal-oriented trainer whose achievements to a high level in his chosen sport translates into work with his clients. His performance driven training style not only leads to the desirable result outlined by the client but delivers above and beyond in supplemental areas to create synergistic improvements in their overall lifestyle.

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