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Living a Purpose Filled Life in a Consumer Society

The world we live in today does seem so out of control and terrifying. Trying to make sense out of all the violence, fear, sadness, and hate that we see on the mainstream news can make it look so hopeless. Our daily lives are consumed with trying to survive and thrive in a society that seems so focused on mindless consumption and profit. The polarization of ideologies and belief systems further divides and segregates people.

I used to be in that mindset and belief that my purpose in life was to grow up and go into the real world and forge a career heavily influenced by family, friends, and peers. At the same time I would also nurture a family in love and marital bliss. I got caught up in that rat race of always having to have that nice car, new computers, smartphones, fancy clothes, house, investments, and basically keeping up with everyone who was chasing the same thing. I had to at times have to be ruthless, deceptive, conniving, and creative in rising to the top.


Honestly I hated that and myself for falling into that vicious cycle of rinse and repeat. There were glimpses of my true passions for life, love, and health but along the way I got distracted. As the years passed and my health started to go along with my peace of mind and sanity.

I had to sink to the lowest, deepest, and darkest depths before discovering my true passions and purpose. I had to face many failures many times over and over and look for someone or something to blame for my misfortunes in life. Life humbles you and teaches you hard lessons and whether you awaken from that comeuppance is entirely up to you. In my previous posts I talked about my personal journey of transformation that opened my mind, heart, and eyes to love, forgiveness, and attracting abundance. Being at a point in life where this vessel we call a human body started failing me I had to reflect at everything I knew, believed in, and had to start letting go of that which no longer served me for my highest good.

Is it possible to influence an awakening of the true human spirit of love in a consumer society that may seem so focused on material wealth and wanton destruction? Is it possible to make this world a better place even though from what we see, hear, and feel it’s like the Dark Side is winning?

I believe so and the tide is turning albeit slowly but I can see it, hear it, and feel it. I’m not saying I’m better off than anyone here on this planet because of my awakening process. Everyone has a path and a journey they must travel and learn from everything big or small along the way.

What I’ve learned is that finding peace, happiness, and love in today’s society takes a lot of conscious work and progressive healing. It’s not going to just suddenly change just because we wish it so or pray for an external intervention. There is strength in numbers as more and more people realize that there is more to life than living in a material world. It is a transformation that starts to ripple through. It’s the power of positive thoughts and intentions in action combined with living in the now with love.

Some may call this awakening spiritual while some attribute it to other things based on their respective belief systems. Whatever you may interpret it or see it as the common theme for living a purpose filled life you must be the change you want to be. No one else will do it for you and you must use love as the foundation for it all. Not the romanticized love we see so heavily promoted about that is attached to our human emotions. Money and material things need not be so demonized but instead used as tools for promoting better relationships, family life, careers, and ultimately happiness.

In this world we live in the pace of change may be awfully slow and we may feel time is not on our side. Our current relationship with time and money and belief systems of a cultural, religious and political nature may seem like roadblocks. Actually our greatest roadblock is our ego which is the biggest bear we have to wrestle down lest we descend into a world of our own making devoid of love and happiness. When you are conscious and aware of how your thoughts and actions impact the world and the people in it you tend to look for the light.

With the collective redirection and sharing of positive energy, love, and light this world we are in is shifting in a colossal way. We need to be patient, kind, and loving to ourselves and being in a state of gratitude and forgiveness. A smile and a kind word to the people we work with, live with, meet and see daily goes a long way. It takes effort and conscious work within to make that happen.

It’s your own journey of transformation that will light your way to happiness and peace. As for the material stuff we can use it for the greater good. Use it as part of the process and let it not be your enemy. It’s all about your relationships with yourself first that ultimately make you find your purpose. Below is my own top ten list of living my purpose filled life. It’s been influenced by many of the great thinkers, philosophers, businessmen, leaders, motivational speakers, and sports figures in my life. It’s something I put together for myself and hastened my healing process and has brought about peace, happiness, and abundance.

1. Don’t fear failure. Let it be your university of life.

2. Don’t look back in regret, anger or hate. Easier said than done and that’s why it’s called conscious work.

3. Be passionate about anything and everything you do.

4. Wake up and say thank you and smile while taking 6 deep slow, purposeful breaths.

5. Start your day with two to three glasses of pure clean filtered lemon water.

6. Work and amplify your strengths as a person and human being. The first person you see at work just give a warm smile when you say hello and genuinely project kindness and love.

7. Every couple hours of your working day take 10 minutes and push away from that desk or smartphone and just have some me time without doing anything. Breathe slowly and purposefully and feel the oxygen nourish you and relax you.

8. Everyone has dreams and passions. What is your dream or passion? Look within and go back to your happy place and you will find it. One of my favorite movies for revitalizing myself is The Shift by Dr. Wayne Dyer. Here’s the link on Youtube

9. Nourish your body with real, wholesome, unprocessed food. Be thankful for the nourishment it provides and thankful for the hands that were involved along the way in getting that food to you.

10. When you end your day unplug from the TV, Internet, and anything else that distracts you. Before you go to bed go look in the mirror and say thank you to yourself. Lie in bed and say thank you and smile while you’re breathing for all the abundance the Universe has given. There is always a positive and a blessing even in the darkest of times.

I wish you all a beautiful and blessed weekend and may the Universe shine a beautiful golden white light on your journey.

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Mike is passionate about health and happiness first and foremost. Through those two as his foundation he is able to pursue his other passions in helping enlighten businesses and professionals achieve their highest potential. Mike has over 25 combined years of experience in the business world in retail, marketing, nutrition, financial services, social media, automotive, and networking. He is a global ambassador and advocate for healthy mind, body, and spirit through a sustainable economy working with enlightened leaders and companies. Change is the one constant in any age and Mike believes one must also evolve as a person to face these volatile, uncertain, and daunting times.
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