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More About Tatum’s Story

Most of the animosity that triggered my sister to call CPS started the day after I got home from taking my youngest three girls on a cruise to Costa Maya, Mexico, Honduras, Belize, and Cozumel Mexico. My son was shot.

My son Ryan was premed in college when he tragically was shot during a robbery. Ryan had a bullet go through his head and 4 other bullet wounds. After being in an induced comma for weeks he had to relearn everyone he knew and everything including how to walk, talk, and dress himself.

After staying by my sons side for a month in the hospital staff set up a meeting in their conference room. They explained by law they had to contact adult social services because my sibling and good old owe Aunt Gail complained that I’m not a good mother because I wouldn’t let the nurses give Ryan his medicine “Haldol” as soon as he woke up.

When Ryan was taken off the ventilator and induced coma I was told not to expect to get my same Ryan back and that he may not come out of the coma at all. When Ryan woke up I was standing in front of him holding his hands, my mother was standing behind me. My mother asked him if he knew who she was and he said no. Then I asked him if me knew who I was and he turned his sideways like he was thinking for a few minutes. I was so happy that he was even able to talk and was alive, I was smiling so from ear to ear at him and he finally said Donna. Without thinking it would hurt him my smile turned into a frown because he always called me mom or mother if he was in one of those moods. I always told all my children that we didn’t have any halves or steps, no one was adopted, we were all 100% family. Though I don’t like to admit it Ryan is not my biological son he was a gift to me from my husband Brian and Brian’s first that died of breast cancer. I got Ryan when he was 7. So when Donna came out of his mouth it hurt my feelings. It all happened so fast, I didn’t verbally say anything, he read my face and within seconds Ryan was screaming at the top of his lungs standing straight up on the bed pulling all his many IV’s and wires out. An alarm went off and a nurse ran in the room and jabbed him with Haldol. Haldol is a major sedative that right away made Ryan pass out. Every time Ryan would wake up it would be a repeat of freaking out but a little less than the time before. I had researched Haldol and traumatic brain injuries (TBI) and knew that time was of the essence with his healing and Haldol would only dramatically slow his brain from healing. Taking Haldol with TBI could also cause amnesia and other neurobehavioral conditions. So after all day of this cycle of his waking up and flipping out I wanted the nurses to wait as long as possible before giving him the poisonous toxin. The nurses just wanted to automatically jab him when he woke up because it was less work for them but as a mother I was looking out for his long term health. I gave Ryan tumeric (aka Curcumin) several times a day when I finally got him home because I read a book my by Facebook friend and past doctor Jan McBarron (Duke and the Doctor) wrote about how it can actually regrow brain matter. I’m convinced it worked and now no one can even tell Ryan was shot. He will soon be graduating college with a Criminal Justice degree so he can help clean up this corrupt court system. Anyway my family didn’t understand why I didn’t want him to have Haldol and complained to the hospital staff that I didn’t want him to have his medicine.

Ryan finally calmed down and started asking for his favorite thing in the world, music. He had to listen to everything because he couldn’t remember what type of music he liked. He finally found the song Cut It by Young Dolph, and we cut up. Ryan forgot that he didn’t like yoga, we had many talks about how we were going to bond doing yoga together at the gym. Ryan couldn’t walk at the time but he didn’t know it, he was drinking beer and smoking cigarettes that only he could see for about a week before he realized there was nothing in his hand.

While I was in the hospital conference room hearing about my siblings complains my brother that I didn’t even see the whole month that I was by my sons side went to talk to Ryan for the first time. My grandmother was in the room and told me Ryan shook my brothers hand said it was nice to meet him. When I got back to the room I was so happy to tell Ryan we would be going home to our new life of yoga and living healthy. To my surprise Ryan changed his life plan to what my brother wanted him to do, go home from the hospital with him. I told Ryan he was my son and he was going home with me, Ryan then started spitting and hitting me but obviously he really didn’t know what he was doing. That was one of the hardest days of my life.

After my brother took Ryan home he would not allow me or even his friends at first to visit. I demanded to visit him and my brother threated to call the wonderful Harris County sheriff. So I called the sheriffs station and explained what was going on and they told me that my 22 year old was an adult and could make his own decisions, even though he barely even knew what was going on at the time. I finally had a break down and demanded to have Ryan come to my daughters birthday party but my brother said no and that he was going to cash in on Ryan by getting food stamps (more than what he already getting for his family), Social Security, and VA. The family was also trying to get money from a plum fund but my daughter Brooke told everyone not to give because my brother basically stuck my son in a room and called the sheriffs to his house when she tried to visit her brother. I’m sure my brother saw dollar bills when he saw the emergency room full of 50+ young adults that all loved “Hoover”. I knew most of them and probably cook dinner many times for the majority. For weeks the waiting room was the Harris County young adult hangout.

My brother had Ryan for 2 months and took three vacations during that time to get away from him. My son was finally returned to me after my brother found out he was not getting any money from VA and it was going to take almost a year to get SSI. Thank you Jesus.

After that ordeal I cut off family for not backing me, they felt sorry for my brother that quit school in the 9th grade to raise his own son.

As you can see my family was angry because my children and I didn’t spend time with them over the next couple years. For that reason and any other that my evil twin could come up with was why she called CPS. I should have left that town and those people many years ago. I knew how they were, I just kept forgiving and forgiving and forgiving.. Until I realized God doesn’t want me to be a dumb ass and live like that. He wanted me out of there, forgive and forget.

I hate that it came to this and having to air my dirty laundry, until now nothing has worked and I WANT MY BABY BACK!

I am guilty of family hating me after I put my foot down but I am not guilty of ANY abuse to my children.

Please help free Tatum by signing and sharing this petition and praying that she gets to go home to her mother soon. Godspeed. 

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