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Marriage Between Man & Herb- 3 Steps to Natural Healing

In this marriage there is no such thing as death from disease because “dis-ease” is simply your body not “at ease.” The secret to healing yourself includes having the natural desire to heal. Only when having gained the ancient African knowledge and the personal experience of actually healing yourself, only then can you heal others.

This is the path of a true healer. One who has not healed their self does not truly have the right nor the ability to heal others. Even the most intellectual, with a doctorate does not belong in the healing practice if one has ailments of their own. It is the same concept of a restaurant. The French are known to build rapport and relationships with the owner/head chef by asking for them to come out so that they may meet them. There’s an amazing concept of how to discern who to follow and who not to follow. This concept was if you want to look like them you eat their food but if they come out fat and sickly looking, you run out of there as fast as you can! (In Grandpa’s words of course) This goes for anything that you chose to follow or learn about of course, even if you seek or health help and the person you follow/go to coincidently may be sicker than you are. Just be aware. See before the allopathic western medicine the natives of the land knew the secret. God has placed every herb, every vegetable and every fruit to help the human body. All forms of medicine/medicinal foods originated from Africa. There is no ailment that doesn’t have a natural remedy to counteract it. Everything was given to us to feed the body, mind and soul. Every fruit, veggie, and herb is considered a Super food because your body will use a process called homeostasis to create a balance. That is why the Ancient African Holy Books say let your food be your medicine, and your medicine be your food. Super foods are complete with every vitamin, nutrient and mineral the body needs to survive. This is also why most animals in nature are mono-agricultural, meaning they only eat and survive on one food that provides everything they need. They rarely have deficiencies because that one food gives them all of what their body needs to thrive.

You rarely ever hear about an animal in nature having cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, not even a cold. It is only when an animal is domesticated which is in the possession/ supervision of a human being, (a species outside of their species) that these animals begin to have unusual ailments. The question we should be asking is why? Even when they do get these certain ailments animals have a knowing on how to heal themselves. They go to Nature’s Pharmacy. The next question is how do they know to eat plants from the earth? Which plants are medicinal and which are just poisonous? How did we as a PEOPLE get so lost from this knowing? Every animal whether meat eaters or not, know the basic steps to healing one’s self.

Step 1. Stop eating the foods that created the problem in the first place


Many animals eat from the land or eat animals that eat from the land. The whole concept of protein comes from the vegetation of the land. It is not solely meat that gives you protein so when you ask a Vegan or a Vegetarian where they get their protein from, it is a disgrace to ask such a question. Ask yourself first, where do strong animals such as the rhino, the elephant, the giraffe, the gorilla, the horse, and the cow, get their protein from to get so big? They do not eat meat yet they get bigger and stronger than the human beings. It may be proven that meat does in fact have protein, but it is of the same concept of second hand smoke. The smoke does in fact affect the person next to the smoker in the same way as it does the smoker. However its effects will not be as strong as inhaling it straight into the lungs has the stronger effect as opposed to the person who is just smelling the remains of the smoke being exhaled. So in other words, if protein is so important to have in one’s diet, why not get it straight from the source? The source being, nature.

Step 2. Eat herbs/ vegetation from the land


If you have ever had a pet such as a dog or a cat, you would know they are naturally meat eaters. They mimic their cousins in the wild (the wolf and the lion) by their body structure, mannerisms and internal organs. They have shorter intestines, long claws meant for hunting to tear at their prey, their teeth are long and sharp meant to rip the flesh, they even have special enzymes in their GI tract to break down their food efficiently so their food does not linger. There is no doubt that these animals are meat eaters but every once in a blue moon because these animals are domesticated they get sick and eat plants. Our natural reaction is to stop them because that is not typical behavior for our pet. But they know that the plant will have medicinal properties to heal them of their ailment. You will often see the cycle of your pets annoyingly eating a house plant, or going outside and eating grass or what we call weeds then later throwing it up. Our question now should be why? Researchers have concluded in showing chimpanzee to be attracted to plants that contain antibiotics in the times of sickness. Anyone with a pet such as a cat or dog will know and tell you that they have probably seen their pit nibbling on a house plant or grass before.

Why do they do this if they do not naturally eat vegetables as they are meat eaters by nature? It is because they know that whatever was consumed will be purged out of them due to the medicinal properties of the plant. Then comes healing, and the body naturally will come back into balance.

If animals have been and still are doing so, this leaves us with the question of how did we get away from this concept and knowing of the medicinal properties of the Earth?

Step 3. Allow the body to rest


If you have ever lived on a farm and had livestock such as the goat, or any hooved animal that consumes plants, many times when they are sick they dig in the dirt creating a hole almost crib- like to lie down in. They’ll be there with their eyes closed for hours, sometimes days until we almost pronounce them to be dead. The natural reaction is to bring a Veterinarian or to put them down. But if we observe the animals for some time, they will teach us a lesson. When they get up they will be healed as new. Your body is like a machine, if you leave it running it will surely break down. Leave your body to rest at times, fast, sleep more, and eat more of a raw diet. You will begin to see a difference in your sleeping pattern, your mental stability/clarity, your energy and overall mood. Your body will come back to balance and purge out more toxins.

This is the knowledge of the Ancients that was passed down from generation to generations until the Western way of medicine was introduced to the world where you take poison and put it in your body to interact with the poison that is already in your body. It’s almost like a gamble. You are being tested on like a guinea pig, through trial and error that’s why doctors call it a practice. Our question should be will they ever get it right? Will they ever perfect this learned skill? The profession that has killed the most people is not the police force neither is it the military. Doctors kill the most people more than assassins. But it is legal. So it is important that we all become our own doctors. If you feel good why go to another person other than yourself to check for things that may or may not be there? Have we become so numb to our own bodies that we cannot sense that something is on or off balance? Our Ancestors never had this issue. Ask yourself what would you do if you were ever stranded/ lived in the jungle with no doctors nor pharmacies around on every corner?

Unless you are a floating head your body is not isolated. If one thing is off then the body as a whole will also be off. So when you have a tooth ache don’t go to the dentist and do what barbarians do and remove what you were born with. Instead why not go to the source and find out WHY you are feeling a tooth ache. Approximately 90% of all ailments originate from the gut because you literally are what you eat. So if you eat crap you will feel like crap and only produce craps. If you eat low nutrient foods, you will be deficient in nutrients. If you eat dehydrated foods your body will be dehydrated. Your body is made of 70%-86% water, your brain is 80-90% water so imagine if your diet only consisted of dehydrated meats, salty chips, pretzels and other junk foods. It’s no wonder most people have stress, heart attacks1, stroke2, dementia, memory problems, premature balding3, etc..

If you eat excess protein (meats especially) you will have more body in your body and it will be hard for you to maintain a healthy weight. Most people with poor diet and excess proteins tend to develop a condition called Lymphedema. If your colon is dirty you will not be able to absorb nutrients, vitamins and minerals like you are supposed to, thus causing a chain of reactions that cause disease and eventually leading to death.

When one merges them self with herbs then that one will be in unison with the Earth, by achieving and maintaining homeostasis. Begin to introduce herbs in your diet. Whether you eat meat or not it can actually influence the length of your lifespan just by taking in herbs. One thing that should be prominent in one’s life is the persistent detoxification in the body. You should always be purging out toxins, waste, and plaque buildup.

The benefits of one cleaning up their body includes the following:
◦Less craving for junk food
◦Balanced hormones
◦Steady control of weight/healthy weight
◦Hair growth, healthy skin and nails
◦More energy
◦Mental clarity
◦Stability in blood pressure and blood sugar without the side effects of most
prescription and over-the-counter medications
◦Reversal of deficiencies due to low metabolism/ absorption rate
◦Correction of blurry vision/ increase of eye sight
◦Regular bowel movement
Decrease in chronic pains
◦Relief of asthma/ constricted airways
◦Decrease in inflammation

The list goes on…

About Dr. SharkaKang Zoolo Kang (1 Articles)
Dr. SharkaKang Zoolo Kang is well known for being a Dr. Nd natural-pathic doctor with supernatural abilities. Dr Kang was born in to a family of healers, shamans and medical doctors. He learned a lot as a child at the foot of his grandfather who was The Shaman of the village. After a near death experience involving allopathic medicine he fell into a deep depression after facing the fact that he may do more harm than good to people with this method so he then decided to drop out of Baylor to pursue his life long roots in natural medicine. He then went to Canada to finish his degree at the Canadian Institute of naturopathic medicine. Some of the greatest minds such as Deepak Chopra , Oprah Winfrey, AC Green and Aliko Dangote seeks after him for health consultation. He is also blessed with the gift of telepathic clairvoyance, to see visions, and diagnosis of people by just looking at them. Dr Kang was Inspired by his personal healing experience and knowledge he gained by studying African, Ayurvedic, Chinese and other worldly medicines abroad, he began sharing his natural herbal compounds with others, which gave birth to Dr.kang’s Grandpa’s Secret.
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