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Best Advice: Never Give up on Your Goals

Doesn’t it seem like in our world today if you don’t reach your goal immediately, without bumps…you have had an epic fail? In my opinion, if you reach your goals immediately without bumps, you didn’t create a big enough goal!

A lot of times what happens to people is that they drink the punch that others are serving them. They begin to believe that their goals are too big, stupid, useless…and then they quit! I have yet to meet somebody that created a goal too big to achieve. I have met plenty of people that lack the confidence, courage, and drive to achieve the goal, but never because of the goal!

In this huge world, very few things are ours and only ours. We have our happiness, attitude, reactions, actions, and goals. It doesn’t seem like a lot but it is enough to create an amazing life! Your goals are not supposed to be easy. They are supposed to challenge you and push you past your level of comfort. Of course you will want to quit or at least run your head into the wall a few hundred times!

Right now I have many goals that I am working daily towards. The one that is continually handing me the noose is for me to run in a marathon this year! I go for a run and my knee swells up (years of playing catcher in softball and center mid in soccer). I was so mad! First thing I thought was, forget it, I am not going to deal with the knee pain again…then I remembered that the pain is absolutely worth the victory. I could easily quit this goal of mine and it would not matter to anybody else on this planet…but me! Running in a marathon is not going to increase my financial portfolio, my client base, or anything other than my sense of confidence and pride (which is priceless!). It is my goal and even if I don’t reach it in 2015, I will in 2016. Goals do not expire!

Best Advice: Never Give up on Your Goals

When you are at the point of throwing in the towel, stop and think about why you started in the first place. Why was this goal important to you? What does it mean to you personally? What will it mean if you quit, for those that are watching you (children/employee’s/spouse/co-workers/family)? Most of the time, people will allow themselves to get swallowed up by the goal before they stop and regroup. Remember, it is not the goal, it is you lacking attitude, confidence, and/or drive…which are all things that you are in control of…which means you need to grow and conquer, not run and quit!

Goals get achieved by the actions you take. If they fall into your lap, it is called a gift, not a goal! Get up and go get your goals. Tomorrow never comes, you only have today! People quit their goals because they let their today’s keep passing by without taking action. It is such a waste when people quit because they don’t have the sack to get up and do it right here, right now!

When you feel like giving up, remind yourself what a true warrior you are! Remind yourself that you are worth achieving anything and everything you desire! In order to achieve your goals, you must be strong, resilient, confident, filled with self-love, have a sense of humor, and focused. Your goals are not about or for anybody else, they are yours and let me remind you…YOU ARE WORTH IT!!!

You have given up too many goals already, that is enough. Take yourself off the auction block and take your place in the “exquisite” section! Whatever your goal is, however big or small, it is yours to achieve! Take the actions needed right now and be the best you that you can be. You have so much to offer but it has to begin within yourself first! #bestadvice #Goals

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