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Best Ways to Get Through The Tough Times

With every New Year comes optimism and hope for many, but for others it simply carries the same hardships that existed on December 31st over to January 1st. Personally, I am an eternal optimist and I love spreading my optimism all over this world. I have had my share of hard times and still have hard times…just like everybody else on this planet! Thank God, it is never the situation that defines you but how you react and the attitude you have during that situation that defines you.

In this age of social media, when looking at Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter… your only conclusion could be that everybody else in the world is blissfully married, financially secure, confident, and filled with self-love! Guess what? I am a Coach and let me tell you, that is a load of turkey soup! The reality is that everybody goes through ups and downs. Everybody gets sad, upset, disappointed, feels like failures in their personal life and professional life…they just don’t put it up for the world to see (except for a few people that feel the need to put their entire lives on social media).

One of my favorite sayings is, “Life is what happens when you are busy making plans.” The thing is that to experience life, you must go through great times and terrible times. The problem is that when many people experience the terrible times, they allow themselves to sink into the sorrow as opposed to getting the heck out of it! Throughout my life I have had family trouble, marital trouble, and financial struggles. I have used each one of these times, along with the great times to make me grow as an individual. Because of these situations, I am a fantastic Coach for my clients as well as anybody else that approaches me. Because of my life’s situations I am empathetic, compassionate, non-judgmental, and filled with gratitude and appreciation for every day I get to be on the right side of the dirt! This is what I want to pass on to you. People often ask me how I am continually upbeat and in a great mood, I tell them that I have two choices; 1. I could wallow in my pity or 2. I could leave it all on the field…I chose 2 every time!

Whatever your struggles are today, put at least one of the following suggestions into play and you will begin to turn yourself around.

Best Ways to Get Through The Tough Times

Get a sense of humor

I am pretty sure that if I did not have the wicked crazy sense of humor that I have, I would be fish food by now! Having the ability to laugh through a situation is basically making the choice to stay on the sane side of the line. Life is a trip and will deal you some blows that will leave you with two choices: 1. curl up in the fetal position, shake and cry OR 2. laugh! I suggest picking #2 every day of the week! Your ability to use your sense of humor will keep you sane when insanity is a definite option!

Find the lesson

Tough times turn into educational times when you pull the lesson from it. Tough times are wasted if you simply go through it and come out without growing. Dig in and figure out what the heck went wrong and how you can never repeat it again. Finding the lesson will also bring you out of your current funk. Just like learning anything new, you will get motivated and pumped to apply the new lesson you learned.


While I was sitting in our living room with no electricity due to not having the money to pay the bill, I realized how grateful I was that we had everything that we technically needed. We had our health, food, water, laughter, and a plan. The reality is that shit happens but the important thing is being grateful for what you do have. It sucks to be without electricity but it could be so much worse. No matter what your situation is today, guaranteed you have it better than so many others! Every day whether you are in a great time or a down time, always show gratitude for your life, it will keep the tough times to a bare minimum!

Set goals and take action

Tough times is obviously when you are feeling your most vulnerable and desperate, right? Of course I am right…I am the Coach 🙂 Now is a great time for you to set goals and take action. Remember, a goal is just a wish if not followed by actions! Because times are tough, you need to set daily goals, you don’t have the luxury right now of setting long term goals, now is what is ticking. Set daily goals and write down the top three actions that need to be done right now and every day until goal is achieved. Start today, not in the morning! You are getting out of this tough time, not lingering in it so set the goal and take actions!

Limit your options

Right now is a super time for you to limit your options to Plan A only. Plan A includes doing what you need to do to get out of this tough time. Plan A has no room for excuses or blame. It is a plan that includes accountability, daily goals, actions, and pure determination. This plan should be the only option you give yourself. Rising out of this tough time is your focus, success of this is your only option. When you remove other options, you remove all obstacles from your path. Stay focused and determined and before you know it, this will simply be another awesome lesson your life afforded you.

Find a way to help others

When you are going through a tough time in your life, get out and help somebody else. You will gain just as much as you give, simply by putting others above your issues. More than likely, even in your tough times, you have enough to give something to somebody that has less. Helping others will put life into perspective for you. You quickly realize what actually matters in life and no doubt anything money can buy will not make that list. Helping others will keep you grateful for yours and your loved ones health, the clothing you have, the food you eat, and the shelter you have!

Ask for help when needed

This is a very hard pill for many to swallow, but it is absurd that people feel this way. We are all humans and should be there for one another. If you have nobody in your circle that you can ask for help then get a new circle. Asking others to comfort you or to be your rock every now and again is not a show of weakness, it is a show of courage and pride. If you have people in your circle that can financially assist you when you need it then ask them. Of course that should never be a habit, but once or twice…heck yea, that is what we should do! Most family and friends will be happy to help you and angry if you didn’t ask them!

Have Faith

It doesn’t matter who or what you place your faith in but have faith that something bigger and more powerful than you is your partner on this journey! Keeping faith during the tough times is much harder and much more important than having faith during the great times (both are important, just great times is easier). Faith is faith and you cannot have both worry and faith at the same time. Personally, faith has carried me through some pretty rough waters!

I know that the tough times suck but always remember that you are amazing and will come out of this on top and ready for the next goal to achieve! The world needs what you have to offer, get out there and let your light shine bright! We are all in this together. #inspirational #advice #Life

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