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Discover Your “Hidden Gems” – 3 Questions to Determine Your Purpose

Today we are more anxious and stressed about things than ever before. We worry about everything. But the guilt we feel, the anxiety, is nothing more than the guilt one experiences when keeping the game going on. The game of disguise. The game of hide and seek. We have lost our sense of self. We cannot be ourselves, instead, we are what society tells us to be. We have forgotten how to stop and think about who we truly are, and it’s entirely our fault. We keep dressing our daughters in pink dresses and giving them make up and dolls to play with, while we buy legos and racing cars for our sons. We keep enforcing gender stereotypes. Thus, we don’t let our children decide for themselves, and they grow up being lost, just like we are. Men are expected to act up to certain impossible standards society set up (“you need to be brave, you cannot show emotions, you cannot cry in public”).  Well, what if I want to show emotions and cry in public. Is it wrong?

These set of society’s rules that apparently everybody has accepted are what is causing our problems in the first place. One of the most important things I have learned while writing about the meaning of life is that we must create our own ideas and standards around which we build our lives. Our life cannot be meaningful or purposeful if we live according to standards that society set up. I learned that we must stay true to our character and live up to our own values.

I always ask people this question, “What is your purpose in life?” almost every time I get no answer. Ok now here are three questions that can help you determine your purpose:

1.What are you MOST passionate about? The thing that you do that makes your heart sing.

This asks the question, “what are our strengths or motives”, we are all are born with a “god-given” talent and so this requires harnessing and developing the right way otherwise it will be useless. Professional Athletes discover this at a very young age just by having a good time on the play grounds until they start to outperform their friends and discover they have something special. For the majority of us its not so clear but unless we pay close attention to ourselves of the one thing that forces us to compete, this hidden switch may never be discovered.

2.What is the biggest OBSTACLE or challenge that you have overcome in your life?

What you learned from this gives you the wisdom to encourage others. Remember that with every trial and obstacle we overcome in life makes us stronger, use this fuel to help support and encourage others who are going through the same struggles to overcome and to educate them. OBSTACLES and ADVERSITY should be considered stepping stones to achieve something MUCH greater.

3.What type of problems do people naturally bring you? Money problems? Business problems? Relationship problems?

This is a test. It’s a sure way to discover the hidden talent, it may be giving advice or just being comforting and supportive. Some of us are amazing at supporting and healing others pain. We all have friends and relatives asking us questions.

Now, look at the answers to the three questions. Where do the three answers intersect? If each answer was a circle, and all three circles intersected in the middle under the SAME topic heading – that should help you identify your purpose.

Your passion plus your “natural gifting” plus the greatest challenge you have overcome will help lead you to your purpose. Pursue your passion, and then it will lead you to your purpose.

You are Born To Win, so go ahead and Live To Win!

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Leon is a Financial Planner with Hub Financial where he specialize in helping Millennials and Gen Xers develop a long term financial outlook for themselves and their family's future. He provides key plans in place to fund an illness or accident at work helping to pay down mortgages, household expenses and to help provide best funding necessary in medical equipment to treat and heal personal injuries.
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