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5 Great Uses for the Charcoal Santa Left

Charcoal for Christmas may not be as bad as you think.

Here are some great uses that you may have never heard of:

1. Body Detox
Charcoal is great for cleaning and detoxing the body. Chronic exposure to toxins causes cell damage and premature aging along with dozens of other problems.  The charcoal most commonly used for health conditions is usually “activated” which makes it a very fine powder and increases its effectiveness in cleaning out the colon,charcoal liver, and kidneys. It works by attaching or absorbing to a variety of particles and gases then removes them out the digestive track. The body does not absorb charcoal so it carries the toxins it absorbs out the body in feces.

2. Teeth Whitening
Just like activated charcoal removes toxins from the body it also pulls toxins from the mouth and removes stains. Just remove activated charcoal from the capsule and rub with your finger over your teeth.

3. Eye Liner
Retail makeup sometimes contains all type of chemicals and unnatural substances that make people like myself break out or have allergic reactions. Activated Charcoal makes a great eyeliner or eye shadow. To make the eyeliner just take an Activated Charcoal capsule and add it to a tiny amount of coconut oil. Voilà, you have eyeliner.

4. Fresh Air
Activated Charcoal is known to purify the air, that is why it is often in HEPA filters.  Regular charcoal can also do the job of absorbing the smell in your fridge or wherever you have a bad odor.

5. Barbecue
After you detox your body, whiten your teeth, put on some eyeliner and enjoy the fresh air at a barbecue!



“By charity and kindness thou shalt soften down his enmity as surely as heaping coals on the fire fuses the metal in the crucible.”- Paul

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