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Laura's style of coaching is authentic, and is all encompassing of the mind, body, heart and soul of the individuals she works with. Bringing about the aliveness of the clients in a friendly, loving, fun and passionate no-nonsense manner. It is based on a mainly vegan diet with room for some animal based foods dependent upon the individual’s needs. The results of her program leaves individuals feeling inspired, refreshed and alive, free of pain, energized and confident with a sense of calm they have never experienced before and therefore bringing joy back into their lives. Laura is passionate about what she does and about Crimson Clover. Because of her own experience of total imbalance in her life, which led her into an abusive relationship, chronic respiratory and digestive problems, panic disorder and total loss of control over her life. She emancipated herself form it and found her significance, her self love and the ability to once again flourish and that’s what she wholeheartedly believes can do the same for everyone! It brings her great joy to bring people to that happy thriving place inside of them!
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